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Little Marc Jacobs Cardigan for Kids

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Little Marc Jacobs Sweat Set - Navy/Blue
Little Marc Jacobs Sweat Set - Navy/Blue 100,40 € Save 50,20 €
50,20 € 

Little Marc Jacobs Zip Thru Hoodie  - Navy w. Logo Stripe
Little Marc Jacobs Zip Thru Hoodie - Navy w. Logo Stripe 73,60 € Save 36,80 €
36,80 € 

Little Marc Jacobs cardigans

A cardigan is a number one piece of clothing for many of us - from babies to teenagers. Kids like them very much - we do as well. A cardigan from Little Marc Jacobs, with a zip is a recommended alternative to have in your kid´s bureau. Cardigans from Little Marc Jacobs suits well for unsteady weather when temperatures varies over the day.

Cardigans by Little Marc Jacobs are designed in many designs and colours, such as sweatsets and zip hoodies. You will not be left without something appropriate to dress in.

A Little Marc Jacobs cardigan fits perfectly with chinos, normal knickers, jeans and dresses. Little Marc Jacobs cardigans can be sealed with a zip and be similar to a sweater, or you can leave it unsealed.

Hence, a cardigan is the optimal clothing to wear because you can choose if you go for looking elegantly cool or you want to appear dashingly casual.

Fine or thick Little Marc Jacobs cardigans

You are probably among them - the grand fans of cardigans. Cardigans from Little Marc Jacobs are primarily combined with a t-shirt. It is both enjoyable and wonderfully appearing in the meantime.

Cardigans are produced of fine fabrics and solid materials, such as cotton - that´s why, you have cardigans that are suitable for different periods, hot days and cold days. Kids can dress in Little Marc Jacobs everyday and on occasions such as parties.

In our webshop you can spot all designs of cardigans, for example sweatsets and zip hoodies - feel free to browse.

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