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Liewood Design Interior & Equipment for Kids

Shoe Size

Liewood Design Interior & Equipment for Kids

Liewood Design for kids

Liewood Design is a beautiful Danish design collection that includes bedding, bed bumpers and beautiful rugs. All Liewood products are made of organic cotton.

The beautiful prints from Liewood Design are designed by Anne Marie & Anja, the names behind the brand. With their many years of experience in design and fashion, together they created Liewood Design.

Bedding from Liewood Design is made in a classic, Nordic style, and their fabulous quality makes it easy to hand them down to the next child. You will find the complete selection of Liewood Design here at Kids-world.

More about Liewood Design

Ever since the very start, Liewood's primary mission was to create products that could contribute to both simple and healthy family life. That has resulted in numerous durable and sustainable products - completely free of chemicals, but also beautiful and simple in their expression.

In addition to organic cotton, Liewood also uses merino knitwear, silicone and natural rubber, bamboo and recycled polyester for designing their products. The overall tone of the Liewood design is in beautiful, nordic colours which are known to fit all homes and interiors.

Discover Liewood Design

We sincerely hope that you will find exactly what you are looking for from Liewood Design here with us, where you will discover a wide variety of smart products. Feel free to click around among the many categories and let yourself be inspired. We have a Liewood Design sale as well.

Liewood wooden toys

Wooden toys from Liewood last really long, for several generations. Another thing is that wood is a fine material for making toys, that allows Liewood to shape the toy as they wish.

High-quality Liewood wooden toys

Liewood wooden toys are made of approved wood and other environmentally friendly materials.

Liewood and other brands available on our page make toys in beautiful colours and forms such as animals, cars, brick boxes, trains and much more.

Liewood baby toys

Baby toys from Liewood are designed to stimulate and develop your kid's senses and motor skills.

We have a lot of the good baby toys that are on the market, which in their own way manage to capture the baby's attention, while helping the kid well on its way in its motor and sensory development.

Fun baby toys from Liewood

Some baby toys can make noises or have different features which are designed to promote your boy or girl's development, while other baby toys are nice to the touch and cozy for your little one to surround himself with.

Buy Liewood baby toys here

Here at Kids-world you will find a delicious selection of Liewood baby toys in many varieties for both infants and babies. Use the filter in the menu to find the right type and colour. So whether you are looking for a toys from Liewood for your own baby, or you need a gift for, for example, a birthday, Christmas or christening, you can find it here with us.

Bath Bath toy from Liewood for kids

Bath Bath toy from Liewood are indispensable toys for a walk on the beach or by the pool. Many boys and girls love staying on the beach.

Liewood makes bath toy that your kid will large enjoy, and here at Kids-world we have a fine assortment of Liewood bath toy and bath toy from many others, and we are sure that you will probably find some swimwear from Liewood, which your boy or girl will love to play with.

The selection is large, so I wonder if you can find some cool swimwear from Liewood or bath toy from one of the others brands here at Kids-world.

Soft toys by Liewood

Liewood are known for designing good quality soft toys. You'll have a great experience if you shop a soft toy by Liewood for your kids.

The girls and boys Liewood soft toy will most likely be a buddy that will be taken everywhere. We know soft toys really matter and who don't remember their beloved soft toy?.

Fine and colourful soft toys by designers like Liewood

Liewood soft toys are amazingly cozy and they invite the boys and girls to have lots of fun. Both boys and girls appreciate soft toys and they will love many meaningful occasions with one another.

At Kids-world we sell a nice range of various modern and classic Liewood soft toys, as well as many other designers.

No matter what colour, size or type your kid likes, we hope that you will be able to find a soft toy by Liewood, among many other designers.

Liewood teethers for babies

Do your boy or girl's gums itch? If so, it might be a really good idea to get him/her a Liewood teether or two. Itching gums are known as a rather challenging period when babies have an urge to scratch them back with something.

In this category, you will discover our entire range of teethers from Liewood for girls and boys. We have something for every boy and girl.

Nice Liewood teethers

Liewood teethers and teethers from many other brands available on our page come in simple yet beautiful designs.

Liewood comfort blankets

For many years now, Liewood has been known for making high-quality cuddle cloths and comfort blankets. You will surely not be disappointed with your purchase when your kid's eyes lit up at the sight of his/her beautiful Liewood comfort blanket.

Liewood comfort blankets and cuddle cloths for babies

A Liewood comfort blanket cuddle cloth can in many cases be used by toddlers as they do not contain small, loose parts so they are in no way dangerous for your girl or boy.

Liewood baby nest

Your baby will surely love lying in one of the soft and delicious Liewood baby nests. A baby nest from Liewood has a high edge and a soft mattress, which helps to create security and provide warmth for the kid. In most cases, this means that your girl or boy can ro down quickly.

You can use the Liewood baby nest in most places, such as on the sofa, in the baby bed or in your own bed. You will also find a baby nest with the practical carrying handles that are easy to take on the go.

With a Liewood baby nest, you have a multitude of options, as the edge of the baby nest can be used, among other things, to train the kid's neck. Place your child on his stomach in the Liewood baby nest, so he or she can try to look over the edge and thus use the neck muscles.

Buy your Liewood baby nest here in the shop. If you would like a good Liewood baby nest offer, you can find information in our sale section at the top right of this page. You can also sign up for our newsletter and get Liewood baby nest offers directly in your inbox.

Liewood bib

In your child's first year of life and especially in the time when the kid switches to eating porridge, mash and solid food, a bib is particularly needed. Most parents will be able to nod in recognition at this and remember the time when the kid had to be fed, when the food ended up both in the mouth and everywhere others.

Here at Kids-world, we have a large selection of Liewood bibs that help keep your child's clothes free of food residues. We have Liewood bibs in many different, beautiful colours and with fun and imaginative print. We have several types of Liewood bibs.

In our selection you will find Liewood bibs, which are made of silicone, which is very practical, as it makes them easy to wipe off and can withstand being put in the dishwasher.

Liewood silicone bibs are available in long and short models. The short ones have a waste pocket at the bottom that collects food crumbs. The silicone bibs are closed with silicone buttons that have several settings in the neck.

We also sell Liewood bibs made of polyester with a waterproof coating and also aprons in the same material that cover the entire upper body. These types of Liewood bibs can also be purchased with a practical waste pocket at the bottom in front.

Liewood lunchboxes

Are you looking for your child's next lunchbox, which should be a practical and attractive one of a kind, well then you can set your sights while you are here on the site, where we have recovered a large stock of Liewood lunchboxes.

A lunchbox is a very important and frequently used object in the kid's liv, as a lunchbox will typically be needed from the first day they enter the institutional world and until they leave it again as almost adults and have finished primary school.

Therefore, the kid will have many lunchboxes throughout his liv. In many cases, it is also really smart to have several lunchboxes, so that they can be changed from day to day. You can also have lunchboxes for different purposes.

Liewood makes lunchboxes in their well-known, beautiful colours and with cute print, which are typically repeated in all their others types of products. Liewood lunchboxes are of good quality with durable materials such as silicone, tritan and stainless steel. They can withstand being put in the dishwasher.

Should your child's next lunchbox be a Liewood lunchbox, check out our selection on this page. If your style is for classic, Nordic design in fine, dusty color shades, then there will undoubtedly also be a Liewood lunchbox that you will want to add to the shopping basket.

Liewood wipes

With a comfort blanket from Liewood, there is bound to be cute coziness when your child or baby needs to cuddle, because a Liewood comfort blanket is always in a super cute design and a soft and extremely delicious quality. If your child needs something to snuggle or cuddle with, see our selection of Liewood cuddle cloths on this page.

Many kids find enormous security and coziness by having a nice comfort blanket with them, either when they have to sleep, drive a car, be in new places and perhaps among strangers, as they can easily cling to its familiar smell and feel and maybe hide a little in it.

Liewood cuddly cloths also invite cuddling and cuddling time with their lovely and soft structures and cute teddy bear appliqués. Here, Liewood soft cloths with a rabbit are particularly popular. They are also available in several different Liewood's beautiful colours.

Liewood kiddy pool

When the sun is high in the blue summer sky and the popsicles are melting down the little children's hands, there is one thing that turns up the temperature of the summer joy even further - namely a kiddy pool.

With a Liewood kiddy pool, your child will be cooled down in the summer heat. You can have it right in the garden, so it is available all day long. A Liewood kiddy pool is absolutely perfect for water play and splashing. Your child will simply love having a fountain to dip into.

Liewood bathtubs are available in their well-known, beautiful colours and with cute print that are typically repeated in all their others types of products. They have a round design and are made up of inflatable rings, so they are perfect for both small and slightly older kids.

Look forward to happy squeals and loud splashing sounds as you scroll and click through our selection of different Liewood swimming pools. You will surely be able to find something that your child and all their friends will thank you for.

Liewood sale and offers

Here at Kids-world, we always have many offers on a wide range of different products. If you are looking for an advantageous Liewood offer, well then it is first of all in our sales section that you should look for it.

If you only want to see Liewood sale, just remember to use the filter and wing Liewood under brand.

When we run Liewood sales, here you may be able to find Liewood baby nest offers, Liewood potty offers, Liewood ice molds offers, Liewood kiddy pool offers, Liewood beach set offers and a lot of others good offers.

You can also sign up for our newsletter, where you will get all the exciting news first, information about new brands and even the possibility of getting a head start on the sales as well as special discounts for newsletter recipients.

Liewood changing pads

Here at the shop, we have a good selection of practical and beautiful Liewood changing pads. If you are in need of a Liewood changing pad for your baby, this is where you will find it on this page.

A changing pad is simply indispensable when you have a little infant whose nappy has to be changed many times a day. With a Liewood changing pad, you get a soft and delicious changing pad for your baby, which has a curved shape and supports your baby, so that lying comfort is at top when changing nappies.

Liewood changing pads have cover that can be removed and washed. They are in colours and with different print, which match Liewood's many others fine products, so there is an opportunity to streamline the design of your baby's clothes, things and accessories.

Liewood changing bags

Find your next Liewood changing bag here in the shop. If you are looking for a changing bag, you are in the right place. On this page, we have Liewood changing bags, where you will have space for all your child's many things such as nappies, cleansing wipes, extra clothes, muslin cloths, toys, dummies and other things that are important to always have on the go when you have a little one.

Liewood changing bags follow the style of Liewood's many others products and are made in a style and with colours that radiate classic, Nordic design. Look through our selection of Liewood changing bags and find one you like.

Liewood canopy

Many parents choose to have a canopy for their child. A canopy is a large piece of fabric shaped like a tall tent that hangs from the ceiling above the bed. The fabric spreads out over the bed like a sky, hence the name, and creates a cozy cubicle for the kid to sleep in.

A canopy can be used both above a bed or a crib. A Liewood canopy can be advantageously used first for the cradle and again above the cot, to create a recognizable frame for the kid when he moves from the safe crib to a larger cot.

A Liewood canopy creates a cozy den atmosphere above the bed or perhaps in a corner of the children's room, where it can also be used to create a quiet, secluded nook where the kid can relax or play den.

A Liewood canopy is made in many of the same beautiful colours and print that Liewood also uses for their others products. If you like Liewood's Nordic style, there is a good chance that you can find a Liewood canopy for your baby at Kids-world.

Liewood pot

If you would like a potty for your child, which is made in a sweet design and with muted, beautiful colours, which will contribute nicely to the decor in the bathroom, then a Liewood potty is what you are looking for.

A Liewood pot has a nice Nordic design in dusty color shades, which are also known from Liewod's others products and collections. In addition, it is also made of a durable material, which is also soft and comfortable for the kid to sit on.

Liewood activity play mat and activity stands

On this page you will find both Liewood activity rugs and Liewood activity stands with colours and motifs you will recognize from others Liewood products. Liewood activity rugs and Liewood activity stands can be bought separately, combined and they are also available as a complete solution.

An play gym is a great tool for stimulating your child's senses while keeping the kid well entertained, as the play gym is equipped with pendant and activity toy.

An play gym can be used over a longer period of time, so you don't have to worry that the stand might be a little high to start with, as your child grows, but thus still has the opportunity to enjoy it.

An activity play mat has many of the same qualities as an play gym, as activity toy that can ring and jingle are usually included. In addition, it is also a soft and lovely surface that your child can lie on.

Find a Liewood activity play mat or a Liewood play gym here at the shop for your child and experience the joy of letting the kid explore and play with the various types of activity toy.

Liewood ice molds

There are hardly many kids who are not absolutely crazy about ice cream and who can eat several of them a day, especially in the warm sunny weather of summer. With Liewood ice cream moulds, just that becomes possible, because then you can make ice cream with your child at home.

With Liewood ice cream molds it is easy and fun to make ice cream with your child. The Liewood ice cream molds are made of soft silicone and designed as push-up ice cream with a lid. Simply fill the ice molds with, for example, soda, juice or smoothies and then put them in the freezer and wait.

That way, you have homemade ice cream in the freezer, which your child will love even more because you made it together and perhaps experimented with different flavors.

Liewood placemats

If you would like a practical placemat to look good on your dining table, try examining our Liewood placemats. They are in Liewood's beautiful colours and are made of practical silicone that does not slip on the table and can be easily and quickly wiped off with a wrung out cloth.

And not only that, we also have Liewood creativity mats in the shop, which are made of the same material with the same qualities, but a Liewood creativity mat is larger to fit securely on your dining table when the kid draws, glues, paints and cuts.

Most parents have probably felt the adrenaline rush up briefly when a devil is in your little Engel and the marker is suddenly put in large, lightning-fast, circular movements on the paper and dangerously close to the exposed dining table that you are so fond of.

With a Liewood creativity mat, that fear can be eliminated in the same way as during meals with a Liewood placemat. See our various placemats and creativity mats from Liewood on this page.

Liewood beach set

The sun, it shines from a cloudless sky, and the sea is blue. The waves are lapping at the edge of the beach and there is a scent of salt and sunscreen in the air. It's summer and you're at the beach with your child.

You have a Liewood beach set with you and you don't need much else, because with a Liewood beach set in those surroundings, the entertainment is guaranteed for as long as it needs to be.

At Kids-world, we have many really nice and good Liewood beach set, which your child will love digging in sand with on the beach. A Liewood beach set is always a sure hit with the kids, because with a soft surface to dig in, which can be shaped into all kinds of things, and water freely available close by, that's all that's needed.

And when summer fails or the season changes, the beach set can just as well be taken to the sandbox or to the garden and provide many hours of fun and enjoyment there. Liewood beach set are made in colours and print that match Liewood's entire product catalog and are also made of practical silicone, which is easy to clean and does not break.

Liewood straws

Are you, like so many others, really tired of cardboard and paper straws, which after a card time become soft and make it almost impossible for your child to drink from? So take a look at this page, because you will find the solution to your problems right here with Liewood straws.

At Kids-world, we have many different set of Liewood straws, which can be used again and again, as they are made of 100% BPA-free silicone and can be put in the dishwasher and can also be cleaned inside with a smart brush that comes with it.

Buy a set of Liewood straws in Liewood's beautiful colours here with us and let the days of soft paper straws be over. A Liewood silicone straws is also a sustainable alternative to ordinary disposable straws.

Liewood waistcoats

If your child is in need of a waistcoat, then you have clicked on the right page, where you can find all the Liewood waistcoats that we have for sale in the shop. A Liewood waistcoat is a lovely piece of outerwear for use especially in the transition months of the year, when it is neither really cold nor really warm.

If your child is good at beautiful, dusty color shades and looks good in a classic, Nordic style, then a waistcoat from Liewood will bring large happiness. Liewood makes both thermal vests and quilted vests. They are always in a design that is in line with Liewood's others collections.

Liewood bowls

Liewood bowls are always a huge hit with the kids, as Liewood appeals for kids with their imaginative design. The classic Liewood bowls, which kids love so much, are made as animal faces with fine ears and in delicious colours.

Being served breakfast, snacks, soup or something else in a bowl shaped like a sweet, teddy bear-like animal head simply does something good for the mood and makes the meal more child-friendly and playful.

On this page you can look through our large selection of Liewood bowls. We have Liewood bowls in many different colours and sizes as well as a lot of set with Liewood bowls in different sizes and colours.

When you buy Liewood bowls, remember to also look through the Liewood dinner set category, where you can discover glass, cups, cutlery, drinks, straws and much more that match your child's new Liewood bowls.

Kids-world is your Liewood dealer

Here at Kids-world, we simply love Liewood and can't get enough of their simple and stylish design with the most beautiful colours and cute print, which exude all the best of Nordic design.

That is why we also have a large and varied selection of products from Liewood. If you are as enthusiastic about Liewood as we are, then Kids-world can be your Liewood dealer.

At Kids-world you will find the complete range of Liewood products, so whether you are looking for a Liewood bib, a Liewood teddy soft toy, Liewood dinner set, Liewood rainwear, a Liewood beanie or something else entirely, Kids-world is your Liewood dealer.

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