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Liewood bedding


Liewood bedding

Lovely Liewood duvet covers - here in this category you can see our entire selection of duvet covers from Liewood, so that your baby, your kids or perhaps yourself can get the best sleep ever.

Liewood duvet covers are available in several different designs so there should be something for both boys and girls. You can find duvet covers in sets and separately. Therefore, it is a good idea to read the description of the duvet cover carefully in order to make sure that you're getting the right Liewood duvet cover you're looking for.

Closure with lace, buttons and velcro

Along with the product description, you will also find information on how to close your new duvet cover. You can find duvet covers with all sorts of closure - from lace, hidden buttons to folding closure.

Duvet cover's main purpose is to contribute to the comfort of your sleep. We can probably agree that it is not very fun if the duvet cover is irritating due to an unpleasant surface which will also make it uncomfortable to lie on. This is just one of the reasons why you should get some quality duvet covers from Liewood.

Huge selection of duvet covers from Liewood and other popular brands

We have a fine assortment of duvet covers from many popular brands including Liewood - where quality is never compromised.

You, therefore, have some good chances of finding a duvet cover that pleases you or your girl or boy. If not from Liewood, then from one of many other brands available on our page.

Liewood junior bedding

Let the young adults sleep extra well at night with the delicious Liewood junior bedding. In this great bedding, your teenagers can enjoy a long sleep at the weekend. All junior bedding from Liewood comes with duvet and pillowcases, as well as a nice accompanying bag in a matching design, in which you can store the bedding.

The Liewood junior bedding can be found with many beautiful print, which can match in the bedroom. For example, you can find print with leopards, dragons and superheroes. If your teenager loves graphic print, you can also find a classic black print with dots.

All duvet covers in junior size from Liewood come in the dimensions 100 x 140 cm, so there is plenty of room to lie down and snuggle under the duvet. Pillow covers in the Liewood junior bedding are available in the dimensions 40 x 45 cm.

Liewood baby bedding

With the most delicious baby bedding from Liewood, you can be sure that your baby will sleep well at night. All bedding from Liewood is of the best quality, as it is produced in 100% organic cotton.

Your baby can snuggle well at night with Liewood baby bedding, which comes in many different cute and cozy patterns. A matching cushion and duvet cover from Liewood with cute cats everywhere is not to be missed. Or how about a nice pattern of sea animals? Look through our selection of Liewood baby bedding and also find several others types of patterns.

The Baby bedding from Liewood comes including a cushion and duvet cover, which have the dimensions 40 x 45 cm for the pillow case and 70 x 100 cm for the duvet cover respectively.

We also have Liewood bedding for adults

If you can't stand the beautiful bedding from Liewood, which is completely understandable, you also have the option of finding Liewood bedding for adults here at Kids-world.

The irresistible adult bedding from Liewood is available in many different fine patterns. For example, you can find Liewood bedding for adults with the popular patterns of leopards, cats or dragons. That way, the whole family can get matching bedding for both the little baby, the large kids and the parents.

Bedding for adults from Liewood has the dimensions 140 x 200 cm for the duvet cover and 60 x 63 cm for the pillow case. You will of course get both parts when you choose Liewood bedding for adults. You also get a storage bag for your bedding, in a matching style.

Stay informed about our Liewood bedding sale

At Kids-world, we sell the delicious bedding from Liewood for both baby, junior and adult. Thus you can find bedding for the whole family from Liewood here at Kids-world - even with matching print and colours.

Are you looking for Liewood junior bedding on sale? Remember that you can often find one of the many well-known brands at reduced prices. Follow when we have Liewood bedding sale by signing up for our newsletter.

Right now, for example, we have very good Liewood baby bedding on offer. Follow along and get the many good benefits of finding great brands at discounted prices.

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