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Liewood Bathrobe for Kids

Liewood Bathrobe - Lily - Rabbit Oats Liewood Bathrobe - Lily - Rabbit Oats 55,28 €
Originally:  73,70 €  
Liewood Bathrobe - Lily - Superhero/Golden Caramel Liewood Bathrobe - Lily - Superhero/Golden Caramel 44,22 €
Originally:  73,70 €  
Liewood Bathrobe - Ivory w. Panda Liewood Bathrobe - Ivory w. Panda 40,20 €
Originally:  67,00 €  

Liewood bathrobes

Find the Liewood selection of bathrobes for kids right here. We are quite sure that you will succeed in finding a Liewood bathrobe that suits your tastes. Liewood bathrobes come in many designs, sizes and colours; we would be surprised if you don't manage to find one that both you and your kid(s) like. When you need a little extra comfort at home - perhaps you have had a very busy week and longing for comfort and cosiness - the Liewood bathrobes are exactly what you need! Snuggle in it on Saturday and Sunday mornings and allow yourselves the sense of luxury that we often feel when staying at a fancy hotel. Bring luxury to your home!

Extra comfort in Liewood bathrobes

Snuggling in your Liewood bathrobe in the comfort of your own home is such a wonderful feeling. The Liewood bathrobes are made of high-quality materials that keep the softness of the bathrobes and make them highly durable.

Cute Liewood rabbit bathrobes

Are you looking for the perfect and cutest bathrobe, which is also really nice to wear? And do you want a bathrobe that is produced in environmentally friendly materials? Then you can find the cutest Liewood rabbit bathrobe here at Kids-world.

Liewood is a much-loved brand for their many cute designs, which are difficult for small kids to stand for, as virtually all small kids love cute things.

One of the advantages of the soft Liewood rabbit bathrobes is that they are produced in 100% organic cotton and in a fried terrycloth. This makes them extra soft and all in all super nice to wear after a hot bath or a trip to the pool.

In addition, organic cotton is a very environmentally friendly material, as cotton is a 100% natural material and does not contain plastic or others chemically produced materials. In addition, it is 100% organically produced and very allergy-friendly.

These cute Liewood bathrobes come in many different colours, among others you can find them in grey, light blue, yellow and pink. They are suitable for both boys and girls and are available in different sizes.

The popular Liewood Lily bathrobe

The Liewood Lily bathrobe is set of a cute collection from Liewood, who have made these bathrobes with various embroidered animal faces on the hood that have ears.

For example, can you not stand the possibility of dressing your kids in a bathrobe that looks like a cute little bear? You can also find others animals such as a koala, a cute dino, a pig and several others animals in this fun and cute collection of bathrobes from Liewood.

With a Liewood Lily bathrobe, your kids will love walking around and getting dry after a trip to the bath or after a visit to the pool in the summer. The Bathrobe is also perfect to wear if the kids just want to relax.

The cute Liewood Lily bathrobes are all produced in 100% organic cotton, which is hypoallergenic.

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