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Recommended Age (Toys)

LEGO® Duplo

LEGO® Duplo is LEGO®'s product line for the smallest kids. These set are suitable for kids as young as 18 months and upwards. There are many different types of LEGO® Duplo set with all kinds of themes that aim to teach kids about the world around them. They can assemble buildings themselves such as schools and farms, use train on tracks, drive cars, create construction sites and fill them with minifigures and animals.

The LEGO® Duplo sets can be combined and built in different ways. The LEGO® Duplo blocks help the smallest kids develop their fine motor skills, so that they are later ready for larger, more challenging LEGO® Duplo set.

LEGO® Duplo is a great way to introduce young kids to new concepts and ideas. You'll even find a selection of set focused on computers and digitization, which piques children's curiosity.

LEGO® Duplo is suitable for kids aged between 18 months and up to 5 years. All parents know that the smallest kids love to put toys in their mouths. This is no problem with the LEGO® Duplo blocks - they contain no toxins and have no sharp edges. There are also no parts that are so small that they pose a choking risk.

Combine play and learning with LEGO® Duplo

The products from LEGO® Duplo combine play and learning. All LEGO® Duplo sets are easy to build. There are countless fun themes and familiar toy figurine to choose from.

The LEGO® Duplo blocks are certainly large, but they are packed with small details and thoughtfulness. The many fun themes, toy figurine and different blocks help young kids build skills for a good start in life. They help kids well on their way to skills that are important these days.

The LEGO® Duplo playset actually strengthens young children's willpower. Every start is hard. It is just as important and instructive for a child when they just didn't succeed in putting the blocks together. It is a learning process where they are eventually able to build exactly what they want. When young kids solve challenges, they quickly learn the importance of never giving up.

LEGO® Duplo also helps kids with their self-expression, as there is no wrong way to build with them. This opens up a large, new world of possibilities for kids. They can use their imagination and freely create all sorts of things.

Then they can tell colorful stories with their LEGO® Duplo creations and the funny toy figurine. This process also promotes children's confidence each time they solve a new challenge and create new stories. The LEGO® Duplo blocks give them a perfect way to develop.

Children's brains develop most rapidly in the first 3 years of life. During this period, fun is the best way to learn. Therefore, for more than 50 years, LEGO® Duplo has designed products that help kids in their development, together with experts in early childhood education.

There are no right or wrong ways for kids to play with LEGO® Duplo blocks. The LEGO® Duplo sets consist of many different toy figurine, themes and colours. Everything can be put together in new and amazing ways.

Let the child ride on rails with a LEGO® Duplo train

The vast majority of young kids are fascinated by train and Railway. LEGO® Duplo has a selection of different train sets that the smallest kids can have fun with again and again. See, for example, the LEGO® Duplo freight train set.

This LEGO® Duplo set lets kids become locomotive drivers with a train that has a push and drive feature. Your child can therefore gently push the train forwards or backwards, after which it will drive off on the rails that the kid has put together.

The LEGO® Duplo train set has many exciting features that will fascinate all kids. Five colored action blocks are included, which the kid can use to make the horn sound, turn the lights on or off, pause, change direction and stop the train.

You can download the app from LEGO® Duplo to a smartphone or tablet for fun activities and a remote control.

Or how about an exciting LEGO® Duplo steam train? This set is perfect for kids aged 2-5 years.

This LEGO® Duplo set also has a push and drive motor. A gentle push forward or backward sends the train on its way. A train station, coal tipper, two LEGO® Duplo toy figurine, an animal figure and a simple set of Railway are included, which are extremely easy for kids to put together.

LEGO® Duplo's various set with train tracks and Railway are sure to be a big hit with your kids.

LEGO® Duplo zoo with many animals

With LEGO® Duplo's many different animals, your child can easily create their very own zoo and create a LEGO® Duplo zoo as they wish. The LEGO® Duplo sets can be combined across each other. There are also specific LEGO® Duplo zoo set with just your child's favorite animal. The LEGO® Duplo zoo set with animals of the world is ideal for playing zoo.

Large selection of LEGO® Duplo animals

Animals are of large fascination to kids of all ages. LEGO® Duplo has many animal-themed set that will large young kids again and again.

The Set from LEGO® Duplo with the wild animals of Asia lets young kids explore the surroundings and sounds of animals in Asia. It is full of exciting animals and details.

The wonderful LEGO® Duplo set contains various LEGO® Duplo animals and their natural habitats. An elephant with cubs, pandas, tigers, monkeys, birds, red pandas and beautiful cherry trees. With a fold-out play mat, your child can create a three-dimensional space and really immerse himself in the natural of Asia.

You will also find a set from LEGO® Duplo with the world's wild animals. With this set, your child can experience wildlife from all the world's continents. Your child thus gets the opportunity to learn about different animals, natural environments and sounds from around the world when playing with LEGO® Duplo animals.

In the LEGO® Duplo animal set, your child will meet Asian pandas, African lions, European deer, South American alpacas, North American bears, Australian koalas and more.

A sound block is included, which plays different animal sounds, as well as a play mat with a card of the world. This set of wild LEGO® Duplo animals and plants will also look really nice when displayed in the children's room.

See the many different LEGO® Duplo blocks

One of the fantastic things about the LEGO® Duplo universe is the large selection of different types of blocks. You will find LEGO® Duplo blocks in different sizes, shapes and all kinds of colours.

All LEGO® Duplo blocks and set can be combined with each other, making the possibilities endless. Your child really gets the opportunity to develop their imagination and creativity with LEGO® Duplo.

When you expand your child's collection of LEGO® Duplo blocks, you also expand the possibilities for building the very things they dream of.

Let your imagination run free with LEGO® Duplo cars and a parking garage

Small kids are crazy about cars - both in the form of toys and real vehicles. They love pushing them around and learning about how they work.

Fortunately, LEGO® Duplo has many themed sets with cars and others vehicles. With a LEGO® Duplo parking garage and a LEGO® Duplo car wash, small kids have plenty of opportunities for exciting play. If you have a child who loves cars, this is almost a must-have.

The LEGO® Duplo parking garage includes three vehicles - one has LEGO® Duplo's familiar push and drive feature. Your child also gets four toy figurine in the set. This LEGO® Duplo set is suitable for kids aged two and up and includes a car wash, charging station, ramp, boom and much more.

Young kids will love the fun role-playing game where they can wash and care for their LEGO® Duplo cars. The Set has two floors so your child can drive the LEGO® Duplo cars up and down the ramp.

There are also others fun LEGO® Duplo set with cars for the little ones. How about a truck and an excavator from LEGO® Duplo?

Your child can thus pretend that they themselves are standing in the middle of the construction site. This versatile LEGO® Duplo set includes two construction site worker toy figurine, a tipper and an excavator. This set is also ideal for kids from 2 years.

LEGO® Duplo fire engine

Let your child save the day with a fire truck from LEGO® Duplo. The fire truck has many functions and this set includes a cat in a wood that needs to be helped down. This LEGO® Duplo set contains 21 elements and has authentic details. A fireman, cat, a wood and, of course, a fire engine are included. The fire truck has, among other things, flashing lights and a siren. Your child can use the handle on the LEGO® Duplo fire truck, raise the ladder and turn the basket.

When young kids play with the fire engine and its functions, they develop their fine motor skills as well as social and emotional awareness. This LEGO® Duplo fire engine set is a great gift for kids aged two and up who love LEGO® Duplo animals and LEGO® Duplo cars.

LEGO® Duplo Disney

Kids of all ages love Disney movies, shows and the many wonderful characters from the classic Disney universe. Even the smallest kids want to play with Disney-inspired toys, so of course LEGO® Duplo also has a Disney product line for the smallest kids.

See, for example, the popular LEGO® Duplo Disney birthday train with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. This LEGO® Duplo Disney set makes a perfect birthday present for young kids who are large fans of Disney. It includes both a Mickey Mouse figure, Minnie Mouse and Pluto the dog. This set of iconic toy figurine includes 22 elements - a train in three parts, a birthday cake, numbers blocks and other accessories. This LEGO® Duplo Disney set is easy to build and develops children's confidence and creativity.

Do you have a little child who loves Disney Pixar? Then check out the LEGO® Duplo Disney Buzz Lightyear set. Your child can go on fun missions in space with the well-known character from Disney Pixar's Toy Story.

robot and computer friends are included, which makes the experience even more interesting. This set has a lot of play possibilities, as it contains 37 elements. This includes a Buzz Lightyear figure, three robots, a brick-built spaceship, a cave, creepers from space and a radar station. Your child will have the opportunity to explore a fun planet with a mysterious cave, together with Buzz Lightyear and his friends in the spaceship.

LEGO® Duplo Spiderman

As you know, LEGO® collaborates with Marvel, so of course you will also find superhero sets from LEGO® Duplo for the smallest kids. There are several different LEGO® Duplo set with Spiderman - many children's absolute favorite superhero.

The Disney series has become a hit with kids in a card time and LEGO® Duplo has made several set inspired by the series. See, for example, the LEGO® Duplo set with Spiderman's house. Your child can play in the house with Spidey and Ghost- Spider, whose mission is to save Bootsie the cat.

Kids have ample opportunity to create the scenes from the shower in reality or invent their own fun LEGO® Duplo Spiderman stories. They can baby sling the LEGO® Duplo Spiderman figures around the lamp post with the flexible web. It will be enormous fun for young kids to play with this wonderful LEGO® Duplo Spiderman set.

Your child can also go on an fairy tale in a theme park with Spidey and his friends, with the LEGO® Duplos Spiderman theme park set.

Young kids who are fans of Marvel will love playing with Spidey and his fantastic friends in this fun theme park. The play is interactive with this LEGO® Duplo Spiderman set, as kids can turn the Ferris wheel or pretend that the helicopter is flying. They can also fire a water cannon and a pumpkin bomb. This LEGO® Duplo Spiderman set includes figures Spidey, Huld, Ms. Marvel and the Green Goblin.

Unleash the fun with a LEGO® Duplo theme park

If you are looking for an even bigger amusement park for your child, you will also find it in the range from LEGO® Duplo. This set features a Ferris wheel, seven LEGO® Duplo toy figurine and more.

Your child will have plenty of opportunities for role play with this LEGO® Duplo amusement park. They can even pretend they are at the tivoli themselves. With authentic rides, color-changing lights and interactive parts, kids will spend hours of fun with this LEGO® Duplo set.

This is how you get good LEGO® Duplo offers

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