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LEGOŽ Creator


LEGO® Creator

The LEGO® Creator product line offers creative toys for kids and adults. The series includes LEGO® Expert, which is a set for older kids and adults, as well as LEGO® Creator 3-in-1, which is suitable for younger kids.

The LEGO® Creator Expert sets are designed for the large builders. This series includes set that can challenge even the most experienced builders and collectors.

You'll find everything from stylish interior sets, like flowers and plants, to classic vehicles that look extremely realistic. The LEGO® Creator Expert products are ideal as exhibition models and toys.

If you're looking for a large building experience for your child, you'll probably find just the right set in the LEGO® Creator Expert product line. This is where older children's creative abilities really come into play.

The LEGO® Creator Expert range contains some of LEGO®'s most complex and challenging set. The LEGO® Creator Expert series is suitable for experienced builders. These set guarantee hours of enjoyment.

LEGO® Creator for kids

From large vessels to historic buildings - LEGO® Creator Expert offers a bit of everything.

Kids aged 6 and up can have extra entertainment with the LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 series. All the products in this series allow the models to be assembled in three different ways.

For example, your child will have the opportunity to build a helicopter into a combat robot with a set from LEGO® Creator 3-in-1. There are so many different options to suit children's creative styles and stories.

The products from LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 can help develop children's imagination and inspire new games and stories.

There is a LEGO® Creator set for every child, no matter what their interests are. You will find a selection of racing cars, trucks, helicopters, animals, dinosaurs and places like amusement parks, as well as pet stores.

Which LEGO® Creator set you should choose for your child depends on a number of factors. The LEGO® Creator product line includes products in different sizes and levels of difficulty. You can choose the best set according to your child's age, interests, themes and more.

See the large LEGO® Creator pirate ship

The LEGO® Creator series opens up a new world of possibilities. With the LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 building sets, your child gets 3 different toys in one product.

See, for example, the wild pirate ship from LEGO® Creator. Your child can choose between making a pirate ship, a pirate inn or a mysterious skull island.

Kids will love having different options and trying out all the options. It is enormous fun to rebuild the same set several times.

The LEGO® Creator series offers many hours of entertainment for kids with a large selection of different set and models. Here you can find, for example, toy cars, dangerous creatures and detailed houses.

Wild LEGO® Creator dinosaur

All of the Creator 3-in-1 sets give kids 3x the fun, as there are more options when it comes to how to put the amazing models together. In others words, the play possibilities are endless with many of the sets from LEGO® Creator.

See, for example, a cool LEGO® Creator dinosaur from the collection. It can be rebuilt into 3 different, action-packed models. A LEGO® Creator dinosaur can be rebuilt into something new as often as your child wants.

Many of the figure sets from LEGO® Creator have movable led. This also applies to the LEGO® Creator dinosaurs, which have large claws, sharp teeth and an opens mouth. The LEGO® Creator dinosaurs will be the ideal gift for all fans of the dangerous, prehistoric animals.

See our selection of LEGO® Creator animals

With the LEGO® Creator sets, you can unlock endless LEGO® fairy tale. For example, check out the cool LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 set with animals, which are colorful and can be used for imaginative play after they are built.

You can find many different LEGO® Creator animals, so you can always find a set with your child's favorite animal. There are, among other things, LEGO® Creator set with deep-sea animals, dogs, parrots and much more.

With a set of LEGO® Creator animals, your child has plenty of opportunities to play. They can rebuild the animal again and again and thus create a new model which gives rise to new fairy tale.

LEGO® Creator Viking Ship

The LEGO® Creator sets are perfect gifts for kids - the 3-in-1 sets offer ample opportunities for play with as many as three models in each set. There are also plenty of options to choose from. See, for example, the cool LEGO® Creator Viking ship.

Your child will be giddy with anticipation as they consider the many different play options with LEGO® Creator.

A Viking ship from LEGO® Creator can be transformed into three different models. The elaborate set from LEGO® Creator are both challenging and educational. Kids can develop their building skills and eye for detail with this toys.

Here you get LEGO® Creator offers

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You will also receive news about new products, brands and special discount codes. This is how you also stay up-to-date when new products from LEGO® Creator arrive.

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