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Karl Lagerfeld Trousers for Kids

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Karl Lagerfeld Sweatpants - Black Karl Lagerfeld Sweatpants - Black  549,95 DKK 
Karl Lagerfeld Sweatpants - Black/White
Karl Lagerfeld Sweatpants - Black/White 499,95 DKK Save 149,99 DKK
349,96 DKK 

Karl Lagerfeld Sweatpants - Keep It Karl - Grey Melange/Black
Karl Lagerfeld Sweatpants - Keep It Karl - Grey Melange/Black 499,95 DKK Save 199,98 DKK
299,97 DKK 

Karl Lagerfeld trousers

Here at Kids-world you can get the stylish looks kids want from Karl Lagerfeld for both casual everyday wear and special occasions. Pick your favourite Karl Lagerfeld pair.

Vast collection of Karl Lagerfeld trousers

Regardless of your favourite colours and designs, you will always be able to find Karl Lagerfeld trousers to your liking at Kids-world where we stock trousers from Karl Lagerfeld (and trousers from other brands) in colours such as ivory, yellow, mint and several more.

Baggy Karl Lagerfeld pants for kids

Toddlers and babies will enjoy wearing baggy pants by Karl Lagerfeld. Baggy pants are perfect for active and energetic kids who love toddling about. - seek and you shall find them right here.

Karl Lagerfeld pants - Features

Trousers often have lovely details; lace and much more. You can find Karl Lagerfeld trousers with rib edging round the ankles - if you wish to learn more about this, please read the product description.

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