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Kappa Socks for Kids

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Shoe Size

Kappa Socks - Trisper - 3-Pack - White Kappa Socks - Trisper - 3-Pack - White  6,70 € 



Kappa Ankle Socks - Leg - 3-Pack - White Kappa Ankle Socks - Leg - 3-Pack - White  6,70 € 


Kappa socks for kids

No matter how old your kid is, we stock a fabolous selection of socks from Kappa that come in numerous sizes - regardless of if she or he is a newborn, little one or a youngster more than 4 years of age.

We have Kappa socks of numerous types, including multipack socks, of colours such as black or white. You find Kappa socks for kids in several sizes, ideally qualified for small feet and big feet.

Stock Kappa socks

Normally it could be sound to get your hands on more socks from Kappa than you actually want. Many times girls and boys lag behind with their feet - this outwears the socks. Once in a while kids walk outside during spring and summer and forgetting to put their shoes on - this indeed outwears the socks.

Finally, socks tend to get lost when we wash our socks. How this takes place, is still an unanswered question, but it is broadly known that kids lose their socks once in a while.

That´s why, we suggest you hold your own little supply of Kappa socks for your daughter or son.

Multipack socks from Kappa

Multipack socks for young kids or little ones is a good alternative. Just surf through this season’s choice of multipack socks from Kappa for boys and girls- you can regularly purchase socks by Kappa.

Get Kappa socks today

Naturally, we hope you can buy the perfect socks from Kappa for your kid or baby in our choice of socks. Feel free to use our search filter in order to precise or widen your filter (among all categories); filter by colour, size and more.

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