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Invisibobble Accessories for Kids

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Invisibobble Hair Tie - Wrapstar - Snake It Off
Invisibobble Hair Tie - Wrapstar - Snake It Off 10,70 € Save 4,28 €
6,42 € 


Invisibobble - gentle and trendy hair ties

Invisibobble manufactures hair ties in a spiral design that does not damage or tear the hair. 

The founder, Sophie, tested the first prototype in Germany in 2012 and she collected feedback from customers over a 12 month period to improve the hair ties. 

In 2013 she introduced Invisibobble to the rest of the market and since then the hair ties have become so popular that you can buy them in over 70 countries. 

Invisibobbles story

It all started when founder Sophie was about to go to university. It is practical to tie the hair up when in school so long hair does not get in the way of learning. 

Sophie loved to wear her hair in a ponytail but she always got a headache when she did and in addition, her hair was damaged and 'curled' where the hair tie was placed, something that anyone who has used a hair tie has experienced. 

One night Sophie was going to a party at university and she was dressed in a very colorful and festive outfit. However, she thought that her hair needed a little extra jazz. She spotted an old phone in her room. The phone had not worked for years so she took the cord and used it to put up her hair. 

The next day she woke up without a headache even though the phone cord was still in her hair. When she pulled the cord out of her hair, she noticed that she did not have any dents in her hair. Thanks to the fantastic idea for that night out, she came up with the concept of Invisibobble and is now offering the same solution to long haired customers worldwide. 

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