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Hummel Bathrobe for Kids

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Hummel Bathrobe - Kirby - Rose Hummel Bathrobe - Kirby - Rose  399,95 DKK 
Hummel Bathrobe - Kirby - Black Hummel Bathrobe - Kirby - Black  399,95 DKK 
Hummel Bathrobe  - Kirby - Light Blue Hummel Bathrobe - Kirby - Light Blue  399,95 DKK 

Hummel Bathrobes

We have a wide selection of bathrobes for children by Hummel. Hummel bathrobes comes in a variety of sizes, designs and colours. If you want to take comfort to the highest level, then a bathrobe by Hummel is just what you need. Browse the full collection of Hummel bathrobes and you can choose whichever one you want. Bathrobes are often associated with luxury when you stay at a hotel - You immediately feel relaxed in your room wearing a bathrope. Bring the feel of a luxury hotel stay into your home with a bathrobe by Hummel.

Turn up the comfort with bathropes by Hummel

Get comfortable around the house and change into a soft bathrobe by Hummel, and it will exude nothing but cozy vibes. The bathrobes are made with materials of high quality. Our variants are not just suitable to use after a shower, they are also perfect for a quiet morning. 

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