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Hulabalu Snowsuit for Kids

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Hulabalu Snowsuit - Wild - White w. Roses
Hulabalu Snowsuit - Wild - White w. Roses 107,10 € Save 32,13 €
74,98 € 
3 Y (98)

3 Y (98)

Hulabalu Snowsuit - Bordeaux
Hulabalu Snowsuit - Bordeaux 93,70 € Save 28,11 €
65,59 € 
2 Y (92)

2 Y (92)

4 Y (104)

Hulabalu snowsuit for kids

Kids-world has a wide range of snowsuits from Hulabalu. When you are in need of a snowsuit, this site is the place where to find it.

We have snowsuits for every kid. Kids who do not play wildly and who only need a snowsuit that’s smashing, or kids who want a to look good in a snowsuit that’s durable at the same time.

The Hulabalu snowsuits are famous for their fascinating colours and designs. Every year, you’ll find new and excitingly designed snowsuits from Hulabalu.

Hulabalu with a removable hood

When you buy a Hulabalu snowsuit, you will see that some of the designs have removable hoods, reflector tags, zips, pockets, flexible waists, adjustable velcro at the end of the sleeves, elastic, inner buttoning and rubber straps by the ankles.

You will also find fleece lining around the body and polyester lining inside the sleeves and the legs.

In general, a Hulabalu is a great snowsuit designed in fantastic colours and designs. Another big plus is that a Hulabalu snowsuit is an affordable piece of clothing.

Buy a Hulabalu snowsuit and support Danske Hospitalsklovne

When purchasing certain Hulabalu designs, you support the Danish Hospital Clowns (specially trained clowns who entertain kids who are hospitalised). This is a very good reason for buying a Hulabalu snowsuit. Check out whether the snowsuit, you consider buying, is part of this charitable purpose. You can read about this on the item’s product page.

For babies and toddlers, the Hulabalu snowsuit comes with a double zip. A snowsuit with a double zip is more convenient for kids this age because these snowsuits are very spacious and therefore easy to put on. For older kids, the Hulabalu snowsuit is made with a single zip.

The single zip is a good solution as kids this age most likely put on their clothes themselves and they may have trouble keeping two zips closed. Usually, Hulabalu makes a range of loud plain-coloured snowsuits. However, you can always find the Hulabalu snowsuits in many other crazy colours and patterns as well.

The purpose being convenient

We all know about this unfortunate situation: The suspenders falling off the shoulders and the pants going further and further down. No one finds this amusing. Who would want their kid to be freezing when playing outside? Every parent knows about this problem. It’s easily solved by using one piece of clothing instead of two pieces. Don’t hesitate to purchase a quality snowsuit from Hulabalu.

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