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Halloween costumes

Recommended Age (Toys)

Halloween costumes and costume

With us you will find an adventurous selection of halloween costumes for kids, perfect for creating unforgettable memories. Our costumes are carefully selected to ensure an exciting and versatile experience for every little dress-up enthusiast.

Whether you are looking for scary skeletons, magical witches or adventurous vampires, we have a wide range of halloween costumes for kids. Our aim is to bring imagination to life and ensure that every child can find the costume of their dreams.

From classic to modern interpretations, our collection of halloween costumes offers something for everyone. Discover the perfect costume for an unforgettable halloween party.

Why do we dress up for halloween?

The tradition of dressing up in halloween costumes stems from old superstitious and cultural traditions. In ancient times, people believed that on halloween night the spirits of the dead mingled with the living. By dressing up in costumes, especially scary or supernatural ones, people tried to confuse and deter these spirits, protect themselves from evil, or even imitate and honor the deceased.

Over time, this tradition has developed, and halloween costumes have become a central element of the celebration, where both kids and adults enjoy creative costume and playing. Today, the costumes are used not only to ward off evil spirits, but also to express creativity, participate in celebrations and create joy and entertainment. Halloween has become a time when we can break with everyday norms, step into another character and experience the world from a new perspective.

With us, we embrace this tradition and offer a wide range of halloween costumes that allow all ages to join in the festivities. Whether it's to celebrate the old traditions, show creativity, or just have fun, halloween costumes are a great way to participate in this unique and exciting time of year.

Large selection of halloween costumes for kids

We understand the importance of diversity in choosing halloween costumes. That's why we've put together a wide and varied assortment that includes everything from cute DYR to terrifying monsters.

Our halloween costumes for kids are designed to suit all ages and sizes. We emphasize comfort and quality so that kids can play freely and safely in their costumes.

Whether your child dreams of being a galactic hero or an enchanting fairy, you can find the perfect costume in our collection. We continuously update our range to reflect new trends and classic favourites.

Ideas for halloween costumes for kids

Are you looking for inspiration for your child's next halloween costume? We have collected a number of creative and fun ideas that will delight any child. From adventurous princesses to fearless pirates, our halloween costume ideas cover a wide spectrum.

Consider a costume that reflects your child's favorite movie character or book. We offer costumes that enable kids to experience their fantasy world in reality. Our costumes are perfect for stimulating creative play and storytelling.

Our range of halloween costumes for kids are designed to encourage creative expression and individual style. Let your child's imagination game free with a costume from our collection.

Colorful halloween costumes for kids

Our halloween costumes come in a spectrum of colours, from mysterious dark tones to lively and colorful designs. We offer a selection of colours to suit every taste and character.

Explore our range of halloween costumes in shades like deep black, ghostly white, blood red and many more. These colours add an extra dimension to the costume and make the dressing up experience even more exciting.

With our colorful halloween costumes, your child can stand out and show his unique style. Choose a costume that is both eye-catching and imaginative, and closet unforgettable halloween memories.

Halloween costumes for girls

Our collection of halloween costumes for girls is full of magic and fairy tale. From fairies and princesses to brave superheroes and scary witches, we have costumes to fit every girl's dream.

These costumes are designed to inspire imagination and play, so girls can express their personality and create their own unique halloween fairy tale. Each costume is made with an eye for detail and comfort.

Discover our wide range of halloween costumes for girls and let your child explore a world of endless possibilities. We make it easy to find a costume that is both beautiful and fun to wear.

Halloween costumes for boys

For boys who love fairy tale and excitement, we have a large selection of halloween costumes. From fearsome monsters to heroic superheroes, our costumes let boys live out their fantasies.

Our halloween costumes for boys are created with a focus on durability and comfort, so that they can hold up to all the fairy tale that the little heroes come up with. We offer a selection to suit every boy's style and interests.

Explore our collection and find the perfect halloween costume that will make your child's halloween unforgettable. Our costumes are designed to inspire play and fairy tale.

Funny halloween costumes

For those looking for a more cheerful and humorous halloween costume, we have a fantastic selection of fun and creative costumes. From funny DYR to imaginative toy figurine, our fun halloween costumes are sure to spread joy.

These costumes are perfect for kids who want to stand out and have fun. We choose our fun halloween costumes for their originality and ability to bring smiles to everyone's faces.

Discover our unique selection of funny halloween costumes and find the perfect costume that guarantees laughter and joy during the halloween festivities.

Closet spooky halloween skeleton costumes

Skeleton costumes are a classic for halloween, and we have a wide selection of scary and creative skeleton costumes. Our costumes are designed to be both scary and comfortable, perfect for a night of excitement.

From traditional to modern interpretations, our skeleton costumes come in different styles to suit all ages. These costumes are ideal for creating a spooky atmosphere for halloween.

Let your child experience the thrill of dressing up as a skeleton with one of our high quality costumes. It is a sure way to make an unforgettable impression on halloween.

Halloween vampire costumes - costumes with bites

Our vampire costumes are a timeless favorite for halloween. Combining mystery and elegance, these costumes let kids explore a darker and more mysterious side of halloween.

With detailed designs and authentic details, our vampire costumes are perfect for those who want to step into the world of gothic glamour. They are ideal for both scary and sophisticated halloween looks.

Let your child become the ruler of the night with one of our vampire costumes and add an extra dimension of excitement to their halloween celebrations.

Crawl, crawl: Halloween spider costumes

For a unique and eye-catching halloween costume, consider our spider costumes. Designed with creativity and imagination, these costumes are sure to generate attention and excitement.

Our spider costumes combine scary elements with playful details, making them perfect for kids who want to explore a more playful side of halloween.

These costumes are made with a focus on comfort and freedom of movement, so your child can enjoy the halloween festivities without restrictions. Choose a spider costume for a unique and memorable halloween experience.

Halloween cat costume

Cat costumes are a classic halloween favourite, and our selection offers a range of charming and mysterious cat costumes. From cute kittens to mysterious black cats, we have something for every cat lover.

These costumes are ideal for kids who want to express their love of cats and add a touch of mystery to their halloween costume. Our cat costumes are both comfortable and stylish, perfect for long lasting fun.

Whether your child wants to be a cute killing or a scary black cat, we have the perfect costume to make their halloween unforgettable. Discover our selection of cat costumes and choose one that will bring joy and excitement.

Halloween witch costumes

Witch costumes are a must-have for any halloween party. Our collection offers a range of enchanting witch costumes, from traditional to modern interpretations.

With our witch costumes, your child can enter a world of magic and mystery. Each costume is designed with an eye for detail, which ensures an authentic and exciting halloween experience.

Let your child explore their magical abilities with one of our witch costumes. It's the perfect way to add a touch of magic to halloween and create unforgettable memories.

Halloween Wednesday costume

For those kids who want to channel their inner Wednesday, we have the perfect costume. Our Wednesday costumes are inspired by the iconic character, known for her dark charm and sharp humor.

These costumes are ideal for kids who want to express a unique and distinctive style for halloween. With a Wednesday costume, your child can create a look that is both scary and sophisticated.

Our Wednesday costumes are made with quality materials and attention to detail, which ensures a memorable and authentic halloween experience. Let your child be the center of the party with a Wednesday costume from our collection.

Size guide halloween costumes

Finding the perfect costume is also about the right size. That's why we offer a detailed size guide to help you choose the costume that best fits your child.

In our product texts you will find exact measurements and fitting instructions for each costume. This ensures you can shop with confidence and find a costume that is both comfortable and looks great.

With our size guide, it will be easy to choose a halloween costume that fits your child's measurements perfectly. It is our goal to ensure that every child feels comfortable and looks amazing in their halloween costume.

Care and washing of halloween costumes

To ensure that your child's halloween costume stays looking good, it is important to follow the included washing instructions. We ensure that all our costumes come with clear instructions for proper maintenance.

If you have lost the washing instructions, or have questions about maintenance, our customer service is always ready to help. We're here to make sure your child's costume looks great year after year.

Proper care of halloween costumes is key to maintaining their appearance and quality. Follow our simple care advice and your child's costume will be ready for many Halloweens to come.

How to get offers on halloween costumes

Are you looking for a good deal on halloween costumes? Check out our sale category, where we continuously offer fantastic discounts on selected costumes. It is the perfect opportunity to find a high quality costume at a good price.

Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media for the latest updates on deals and sale. We regularly share exclusive discounts and promotions that are ideal for price-conscious parents.

By keeping up to date with our offers, you can ensure that you always get the best price on our halloween costumes. We make it easy and affordable to dress your child up for an unforgettable halloween.

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