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GANT Socks for Kids

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Shoe Size

GANT Socks - 3-pack - Preppy - Toy Blue GANT Socks - 3-pack - Preppy - Toy Blue  149,95 DKK 
GANT Socks - 3-pack - Preppy - Strawberry Cream GANT Socks - 3-pack - Preppy - Strawberry Cream  149,95 DKK 

GANT socks for kids

No matter the age of your son or daughter is, we supply a nice assortment of socks from GANT that are available in a large number of sizes - regardless of if he or she is a baby, little one or a kid more than 4 years old.

Kids-world stock socks by GANT of numerous styles, including multipack socks, of colours such as patterned or blue. You can get your hands on GANT socks for kids in several sizes, ideally comfortable for small feet and big feet.

Your own GANT socks assortment - why not?

Sometimes it is a great choice to create acquire your own range of socks by GANT for your girl or boy.

Kids’ socks have a high probability to wear out rather fast.

Many kids don´t lift their feet when being inside and numerous kids tend to leave their shoes inside when they walk outdoors in the backyard during late spring and summer period. Not at all a great idea and not practical.

Weird as it is, socks many times to go missing during the washing process, one more solid argument for investing in a assortment of socks from GANT for your girls and boys.

Different sock designs from GANT

Researching for multipack socks by GANT for your boy or girl? Check out our collection of socks - we store multipack socks from GANT. Just become familiar with our page of GANT socks - we usually stock a rare collection of multipack socks in different colourtones and textiles.

Shop GANT socks today

Genuinely, we hope you can buy the ideal socks from GANT for your girl or boy among our assortment of socks. Feel free to utilize our search filter in order to limit or broaden your search (within all pages); filter by size, colour etc.

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