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EGG Helmets Accessories for Kids

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EGG Helmets Skin - Eyes
EGG Helmets Skin - Eyes 20,10 € Save 14,07 €
6,03 € 
Small (48/52 cm)

Small (48/52 cm)

EGG Helmets Add-On - Fruit Stem
EGG Helmets Add-On - Fruit Stem 16,10 € Save 11,27 €
4,83 € 


EGG Helmets Skin - Liberty
EGG Helmets Skin - Liberty 20,10 € Save 14,07 €
6,03 € 
Small (48/52 cm)

Small (48/52 cm)

EGG Helmets Accessories for Kids

Bicycle helmets from EGG Helmets

EGG is a Dutch outdoor company from Amsterdam that develops, produces and distributes customizable multisports helmets and accessories for kids between the ages of 1 to 12 years old. This innovative company was founded in 2010 by two young fathers who, inspired by each’s own inner child, saw how kids really don't care for helmets. Although required for safety reasons, they find them uncomfortable, unappealing and just not cool. The idea was to create a fun, safe and comfortable helmet that could be used for several different types of sports. A cool helmet was created with an impactful, simple and strong design.

Safety is top notch with EGG helmets

EGG helmets are not only beautiful and fun, but excel when it comes to safety. They comply with safety standards for skiing, snowboarding, cycling and skateboarding, and are certified according to safety regulations: CE NEN 1077, 1078 & 1385 TüV. Their helmets, therefore, not only function as a bicycle helmet, but as a multi-function helmet for many different kids’ sports activities.

EGG Helmets are designed in a nice retro shape that provides coverage for the ears and upper neck and delivers ultimate protection. The helmet can be adjusted so that, regardless of head shape, kids can have a helmet that is comfortable and safe.

Design your own bicycle helmet for kids

Bicycle helmets for kids from EGG Helmets are transformed into personal helmets with the assistance of skins that come in beautiful graphic prints. as well as add-ons that make each helmet unique. With fun, personal bicycle helmets from EGG Helmets, kids think it's cool to wear a bicycle helmet! The proper steps are to find the right size helmet, choose the coolest or prettiest skin and add the finishing touches with a cool add-on. There are endless possibilities!

Find the right size bike helmet for your kid

It’s important to choose the right size bicycle helmet for your kid. Measure the circumference of their head to get the correct size. This is most easily performed with a soft measuring tape. Measure approximately 1 cm above the eyebrow. Make sure the tape remains at the same height all the way around the head when measuring.

Once you receive the helmet, check that it fits properly on your kid's head. When one finger can be placed between the eyebrows and the helmet, and cannot be pushed too far back, sideways or over the forehead, then the helmet provides optimal protection.

Easy installation of skins and add-ons

EGG Helmets skins are easy to put on. They are made of a high quality stretch fabric designed specifically for EGG Helmets, therefore ensuring a flawless, wrinkle-free fit. In the event the skin gets dirty, you can easily wash it. Add-ons are made of soft rubber and click smoothly onto the helmet.

Security has not been compromised when it comes to add-ons. In the event of a collision, they are designed to fall off, so that kids are always well protected. Both skins and add-ons are replaceable when kids feel like changing the look.

EGG helmets were created with a simple vision in mind: to make safety comfortable and fun! 

EGG Helmet's fun bicycle helmets, skins and add-ons are available online here at Kids-world. Feel free to assemble the coolest personal bike helmets for your kids.

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