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Doll Clothes and Shoes

Recommended Age (Toys)
Barbie Doll set - Dream Wardrobe Barbie Doll set - Dream Wardrobe 87,23 €
Originally:  134,20 €  

Doll clothes and shoe

Doll clothes are a wonderful addition to your kid's doll collection. Dressing dolls in different clothes improves small kid's fine motor skills. For older kids, they can create and explore their own style by dressing their dolls in new clothes.

There are so many different doll clothes on the market that you can pretty much find anything you can think of.

There are formal clothes for dolls in the form of ball gowns, suit, party doll shoes and blazers. Of course, there are also everyday clothes in the form of jeans, shorts, t-shirts, jackets, swimwear, pyjama set and even work clothes for dolls, which are similar to what we know from reality. There are also lots of accessories and accessories, such as crowns, rucksacks and fun hats.

An important thing to consider when buying doll clothes is that they are easy to put on and take off - especially if they are doll clothes for smaller kids. If it is too difficult for them to change the clothes, they may become frustrated and no longer want to play with the doll. Led free to look for doll clothes for slightly larger dolls, or doll clothes that have stretch, as this makes it easier to put on and take off the clothes.

Large selection of clothes for dolls

At Kids-world you will find lots of set with doll clothes and accessories designed for dolls. Our set of clothes for dolls often include different parts, such as dresses, tights and doll shoes, so that your kid has a complete outfit for their doll. With new clothes for your kid's dolls, they will remain feeling new and fresh, so your kid will have a renewed desire to play for many hours with their stylish dolls.

set of the fun of playing with dolls and their clothes is being able to mix and match their outfits. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy doll clothes that can easily go together with the doll clothes that your kid already has. In this way, it will be easier for your kid to come up with new combinations of doll clothes, it will be more fun to play with and they will have greater freedom of choice when dressing their dolls.

A good tip for organizing your kid's collection of doll clothes is to do the same thing as you ville with your kid's clothes. You can buy a pair small baskets or boxes and possibly sort the doll clothes by category, for example jackets and sweaters, in one basket and accessories such as swimwear and sunglasses in another. You can also sort the doll clothes according to whether they are formal or casual, depending on the size of your kid's collection of dolls clothes.

Like any other clothes, doll clothes also get dirty after a lot of use, especially if your kid also takes his doll with him everywhere. Be sure to read the product description and washing instructions for the doll and follow them to keep the doll clean and fine, so it lasts longer.

Trousers and blouses for dolls

Trousers and blouses are a solid set of the everyday wardrobe - and they will also be for your kid's doll's wardrobe. At Kids-world, we have a large selection of trousers and blouses for various types of dolls, both in the form of set and as individual parts.

We have blouses and trousers for dolls in all kinds of colours and materials, so you can definitely find a new set of doll clothes that your kid will love and use frequently.

When you buy doll clothes, it is also important to consider what materials they are made of. Some materials are more durable than others and can handle slightly tougher activities, for example if your kid likes to play outdoors with their doll, you should consider sturdy doll clothes that won't get ruined right away.

Dresses for dolls

If your kid needs cute dresses for sine dolls, then you've come to the right place. We have nice doll dresses in many designs, colours and sizes that will fit your kid's dolls perfectly. You will find doll dresses that are suitable for everyday use, as well as more elegant doll dresses that your kid can wear when the doll is going to a festive occasion or playing princess.

Use our filter and search function so you can find the perfect doll dresses for your kid's needs. You can also use our filter to find others types of doll clothes or display clothes for dolls in certain colours or from certain brands.

Shoe for dolls in different colours

If you are looking for nice doll shoes to complement your kid's new doll clothes, you will certainly find what you are looking for in our range. Please see our selection of cute doll shoes from Asi, which you can get in many colours - for example black, beige, light blue, pink or white. With different colours, you ensure that they will set many of your kid's doll clothes.

Doll clothes from well-known brands

It can be a bit of a jungle to find the right doll clothes for your kid's dolls. Here at Kids-world you will find doll clothes from many of the well-known brands that your kid may have dolls from.

We have a large selection of clothes for the hugely popular My Generation dolls in the form of themed sets that contain everything your kid needs to create a perfect outfit for their doll. You will find pyjama set, cozy clothes, school clothes, travel clothes and much more, so that your kid can really get into the role when they dress their doll in new themed clothes.

Popular brands

Cry Babies Frost Götz
Tiny Treasures Gabby's Dollhouse Barbie

Doll clothes in different sizes

There are several things to consider when buying doll clothes for your kid. The size is of course important, as doll clothes in the wrong size will fit completely wrong on your kid's favorite doll.

Be sure to measure your kid's doll before ordering doll doll clothes to ensure optimal fit. Fortunately, you will find doll clothes in many sizes at Kids-world. Our range includes doll clothes in sizes 30 cm, 36 cm and 46 cm, so you are guaranteed to find doll clothes for your kid's favorite doll.

Buy clothes for dolls at Kids-world

At Kids-world you will find clothes for dolls in all kinds of designs and many different styles. When looking for clothes and accessories for your kid's dolls, you should choose versatile products so that your kid has doll clothes that can go with much of what they already have at home.

Doll clothes and accessories let your kid make their dolls their very own. With a selection of different clothes and accessories for dolls in the home, your kids can dress them exactly how they want, every day. In this way, your kid can adapt the appearance of sine dolls according to his own preferences and turn them into something completely unique.

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