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Doddlebags Toys & Equiptment for Kids

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Doddlebags Food Pouches - 4 pcs. - 100 ml Doddlebags Food Pouches - 4 pcs. - 100 ml  21,40 € 


Doddlebags Spoons - 2-Pack - Transparent Doddlebags Spoons - 2-Pack - Transparent  9,40 € 


KidsMe Food Pouch Adapter - Red KidsMe Food Pouch Adapter - Red  6,70 € 


Doddlebrush Paint Set - 4 Colors Doddlebrush Paint Set - 4 Colors  20,10 € 


Doddlebags food bags

Doddlebags were founded by a young mother who could not find a quick and easy way to pack her kids lunches. Doddlebags are reusable food and drink bags that make life easier. They can be used for almost anything. 

They are perfect to take with you for food like smoothies, yogurt, dressing for the salad, dip for picnics or lunch on the go. They have an anti-choking lock which makes them particularly good for young kids. The bags can also be used for paints or toiletries when travelling. 

Find matching accessories from Doddlebags

There are also accessories for Doddlebags like the Doddlespoon, which is perfect for feeding small kids. Doddlebrush is good for when the bag is used creatively and painted with. 

The bags are super light and the efficient design makes them easy to use. You save both time and money with the bags. Doddlebags are hygienic and safe. The bags are also easy for small kids to hold. They can be washed in the dishwasher and reused and recycled. The bags can also be frozen with ready meals in them. 

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