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Diving Masks for kids

Shoe Size
Aqua Sphere Diving Mask - Vista Adult - White/Red Aqua Sphere Diving Mask - Vista Adult - White/Red 30,55 €
Originally:  47,00 €  

Diving mask for kids

As summer approaches, the time for running into the blue for a swim comes closer. It doesn’t matter if it’s the sea, a lake or in a pool. Kids are water creatures who love to splash and play in the water and examine life under water.

And there is certainly a lot to look at underwater, both for little and large. We have gathered a selection of both diving and snorkel sets with diving feet for kids age 4 and up.

Diving sets for kids

We have diving sets including a diving mask, a snorkel, as well as flippers. The diving masks in this set have break-proof PC glass and have received an anti-fogging treatment to prevent the glass from fogging. The snorkel has a wave-protected top that prevents water from flowing into the snorkel itself.

By the mouth, a practical one-way is located, which allows you to clear the snorkel of water with one hard blow. The open heels with tightening straps on the flippers offer extra space for those growing feet.

The flippers have practical holes, which provide optimal force and help the little legs keep going. The flippers are made of hard plastic and soft rubber.

Diving masks that fit many different facial shapes

Last but not least, we also have special diving masks that are suitable for many different facial types and shapes. We also have anti-misting spray, which is sprayed on the inside of the swimming goggles or diving mask to avoid them steaming up.

The material is hypoallergenic and based on natural ingredients of high quality. It is 100% biodegradable and therefore not harmful to the environment.

Diving mask for sports and fun

Diving has always fascinated people, so why not let your little girl or boy explore and explore life beneath the surface?

In the sea kids can find a large and animal-rich life beneath the surface: crabs, sea snails, ear jellyfish, mussels, fish, plants, and much more. When it comes to the swimming pool, it's mostly just fun to dive down to the bottom to retrieve lost items or diving sticks.

We feel it is time for a competition. Who can pick and gather the most diving sticks, stones or other fun items from the bottom of the pool?

Diving masks with and without snorkels

On our site, you will find diving masks both with and without snorkels. A diving mask with a snorkel is the perfect thing to have when your kid needs to take their water games to the next level. With a snorkel attached to the diving mask, a kid can more easily explore life underwater for longer periods of time. In addition, it’s fun and exciting to experience being able to breathe underwater just like fish and other sea animals.

However, you can easily find diving masks without snorkels. With a diving mask without a snorkel, kids can practice holding their breath underwater. You can also easily purchase a snorkel at a later time.

Diving masks in beautiful colours for kids

Here at Kids-world, you will find diving masks for kids in many different, beautiful colours. That way, kids can easily match their diving mask with their swimwear or find a diving mask in their favorite colour. You can usually find diving masks for kids in the colours blue, grey, green, yellow, white, rose, red, black and turquoise. Many of the diving masks on our site come in a solid colour, while others have several different colours. Which variety you choose is entirely up to you and your child.

Take a look around our selection to get inspired or use the filters at the top of our site to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for.

Diving masks in different sizes for kids

Kids of all ages love water and splashing about. That’s why we carry diving masks for kids in different sizes and for kids of many different ages. That way, you can find the perfect diving mask that perfectly suits your kids, regardless of their age and size.

Some of the diving masks come in one size only, while others come in specific sizes. No matter which diving mask you are interested in, you’ll be able to see the diving mask's dimensions listed in the product description. That way, you can easily find a mask that fits your baby's head perfectly.  

All diving masks come with a strap that can be adjusted as required, and makes it easier for kids in slightly different sizes to be able to comfortably wear them.

Bring a diving mask on a holiday and save money

A diving mask may seem like a slightly unnecessary investment, since summer is only a limited time period. You might be thinking, why not just rent one when you are on vacation and your kid wants to dive? In fact, you can save money by purchasing a kid’s diving mask ahead of time and taking it with you on your holiday. When you rent a diving mask on an hourly or daily basis, a week's holiday of rental fees can easily add up to a considerable expense.

Remember that, if you purchase a diving mask for your boy or girl, it can also be used again and again on many different holidays. It can also be taken to the summer house or in the swimming pool.

Diving masks from well known brands

On this site, you will find diving masks from several well-known brands. These brands specialize in making equipment for swimming, diving and many other types of water activities. Therefore, you can be certain that the diving masks you discover on our site are made in a fabulous quality. They are available in several different price ranges, to ensure there is something for everyone.

You can easily find diving masks from Aqua Lung, Aqua Sphere, Scubapro and Speedo. If you are interested in finding a diving mask from a particular brand, remember to use the filter at the top of the page.

Purchase anti-fog spray for your diving mask

Most diving masks are treated with an anti-fog coating on the inside to ensure they don’t fog up while in use. However, this anti-fog coating may very well need a little refreshing after some time. Therefore, you can also find anti-fog spray on this page. This anti-fog treatment can be sprayed on the inside of goggles and diving goggles to prevent fogging. Our anti-fog agent is developed in an allergy-friendly way, and includes only high quality, natural ingredients. Last but not least, our anti-fog agent is 100% biodegradable and is, therefore, not harmful to the environment.

Discover other equipment for water fun

In the event you are looking for more than just a diving mask, then you can also find other types of exciting water equipment here on our site. We carry flippers, swimming goggles, swimming wings, bikinis, swimsuits, swimming trunks, swimming rings, beach balls, water animal toys and many other fun, practical equipment needs for kids.

All you have to do to find it all is look at the menu at the top or use the search box. You can easily order everything all at the same time, and it will be delivered promptly. If you have any questions about our products or services, you can always contact our friendly customer service, who are ready to assist you by email and phone.

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