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Difrax Bottle Suit - 1-2-3 Variflow Ring - Wide

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Bottle pacifier from Difrax

Practical Difrax 1-2-3 Variflow ring with three settings and an associated bottle pacifier in the wide model. The wide model is well suited for those babies who tend to open their mouths a little more.

The Difrax bottle pacifier has a naturally round and symmetrical shape, which reminds the baby of the mother's breast, and therefore it will be more easily accepted by the baby. The Dummy has a line opening, and thus the amount of flowing milk can be determined by you.

With the 1-2-3 Variflow ring, you dose the amount of milk that the baby should consume. On the dummy there are three markings with either one, two or three lines, which indicate the setting. The three settings mean:

  • L = Horizontal line, little opening, which allows the flow of only the smallest amount of milk.
  • ll = Lateral line, between opening, which allows a medium flow of milk.
  • lll = Vertical line, large opening, which allows the largest flow.

To set the ring, turn the dummy so that the mark for the desired speed is under the baby's nose.

The Difrax bottle pacifier is recommended for babies over three months, and it is intended for thin liquids such as breast milk.

The Difrax ring fits Difrax's wide pacifier bottle of 310 mL, and the feeding bottle pacifier itself can be replaced with Difrax 'natural 1-2-3 Variflow bottle baby bottle nipples.

Made with:
- 100% silicone (BPA-free)

Model: 1-2-3 Variflow Ring, Style: 10000000517, Colour: Clear

Item no.: YR280
Status: In stock
Manufacturer: Difrax
Type: Baby Bottle Nipple
MPN: 10000000517 -CLEAR
Colour code: CLEAR
Colour(s): White
Tags: Difrax 10000000517 , Difrax Baby Bottle Nipple
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