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Creamie Winter Coat for Kids

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Creamie Jacket - Fake Fur - Adobe Rose
Creamie Jacket - Fake Fur - Adobe Rose 80,30 € Save 32,13 €
48,18 € 
6 Y (116)

6 Y (116)

Creamie Jacket - Wool - Rose
Creamie Jacket - Wool - Rose 93,70 € Save 37,48 €
56,23 € 
4 Y (104)

4 Y (104)

5 Y (110)

13 Y (158)

Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Purple Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Purple  5,30 € 


Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Black Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Black  5,30 € 


Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Charcoal Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Charcoal  5,30 € 


Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Navy Mikk-Line Mitten Clips - Navy  5,30 € 


Creamie winter coats

Summer drawing to a close, temperatures dropping, days becoming shorter...now it is time to look for your kids' winter coats. However, your kids have surely grown this past year and the old winter coat is not big enough anymore: It is time to look for a new Creamie winter coat.

November and onwards you need to stay warm when you are outside. Creamie presents fine winter coats for boys and girls that will keep them warm and protected against the rain and the snow.

Creamie winter coats - practical designs

Creamie winter coats come in various designs and colours. Hopefully, you can find a Creamie winter coat to your liking within this fine Creamie collection.

Creamie winter coats are made for boys and girls - should you be unable to find one that you like, we suggest that you browse through some of all the other brands that we have at Kids-world.

Some winter coats are also suited for the transitional seasons when weather changes all the time, others are for the very cold days. At Kids-world we stock for every occasions.

Creamie - functional winter coats

Winter coats have various qualities and often the manufacturers provide important information about the qualities of their products. Some of this information is about water resilience, water column pressure and whether the product is windproof. Many include information about breathability as well.

It is a good idea to choose a Creamie winter coat with excellent breathability, because sweat is transported away from the body more easily. Even if the winter coat has excellent water resilience, the sweat will still be transported away from the body - the Creamie quality in action.

We recommend that you check the seams, joints and hems when you check the qualities of your kid's new winter coat.

However, first and foremost, we recommend that you choose a Creamie winter coat suited for the needs of your kid(s).

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