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by Heritage T-shirt for Kids

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by Heritage T-shirt - Tom - Mint
by Heritage T-shirt - Tom - Mint 199,95 DKK     Save 99,98 DKK   
99,98 DKK 

by Heritage Top - Doris - Dusty Purple
by Heritage Top - Doris - Dusty Purple 189,95 DKK     Save 94,98 DKK   
94,98 DKK 

by Heritage t-shirts

T-shirts from by Heritage is a permanent part of our summer- and spring collections every year. by Heritage designs fantastic colour combinations kids love.

Smashing by Heritage t-shirts

Somehow, t-shirts have become a rather timeless feature in our everyday clothing. You can wear a t-shirt by by Heritage with almost anything, therefore, most people have t-shirts as a permanent garment in their wardrobes - especially kids.

by Heritage creates wonderful t-shirts that fits well with shorts, skirts and trousers. Whichever look your kid wants, he or she has lots of possibilities with by Heritage t-shirts.

by Heritage t-shirts for everyday and for partying

by Heritage presents you with lots of possibilities and therefore, we provide many by Heritage t-shirts. We at Kids-world have a lovely range of fashion styles and colour combinations to choose from. At Kids-world you find polo shirts, short-sleeved and long-sleeved t-shirts.

Check out the rest of our kids’ clothing for kids of all ages, babies, toddlers and tweens - we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

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