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Bundgaard Thermo Boots

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Shoe Size

Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Army Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Army  399,95 DKK 
Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Navy Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Navy  399,95 DKK 
Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Bordeaux Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Bordeaux  399,95 DKK 
Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Black Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Black  399,95 DKK 
Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Grey Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Grey  399,95 DKK 
Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Navy Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Navy  379,95 DKK 
Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Black w. Logo Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Black w. Logo  379,95 DKK 
Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Purple Bundgaard Thermo Boots - Purple  379,95 DKK 

Bundgaard thermo boots for kids

As summer or winter are losing their hold, temperatures tend to be something ‘in between’; sometimes it is very cold and sometimes it is warm outside. This is when Bundgaard thermo boots become must-haves for boys and girls. It is a good idea to get the Bundgaard thermo boots in time, so they are ready for use in kindergarten or day nursery.

Convenient thermo boots by Bundgaard

Thermo boots are convenient when your kids are off to the playground or they are for walks in chilly weather - it is important that your kids wear warm and comfortable footwear for playing and walking outside. The Bundgaard thermo boots are weatherproof and, therefore, excellent for keeping your kids’ feet warm and dry.

The difference between fx thermo boots from Bundgaard and regular padded boots is that the thermo boots have a thermo-layer. Most thermo boots keep feet warm at temperatures of minus 12-15 degrees Celsius.

Find the proper Bundgaard thermo boot

As with most kids’ wear and footwear for kids, you will soon learn that Bundgaard thermo boots also come in many colours. If you do not find the right colour or design amongst the Bundgaard collection, please do not hesitate with browsing through all the other brands we stock. 

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