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Dresses - Bonton

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Bonton Dress - Fleur Blanc Bonton Dress - Fleur Blanc  699,95 DKK 
Bonton Dress - Imp Rose Bonton Dress - Imp Rose  999,95 DKK 
Bonton Dress - Geranium Bonton Dress - Geranium  519,95 DKK 
Bonton Dress - Red
Bonton Dress - Red 719,95 DKK Save 215,99 DKK
503,96 DKK 

Bonton Dress - Rose w. Gold
Bonton Dress - Rose w. Gold 619,95 DKK Save 185,99 DKK
433,96 DKK 

Bonton Dress - Ivory w. Flowers
Bonton Dress - Ivory w. Flowers 859,95 DKK Save 257,99 DKK
601,96 DKK 

Dresses from Bonton

At Kids-world you find our lovely choice of beautiful dresses from Bonton for girls of all ages. We love Bonton dresses - kids do too. And the reason why girls love wearing dresses from Bonton, has to do with the soft materials, bright colours and cute designs - your kid will love it!

Bonton dresses are perfect for festive celebrations - kids love to dress up, you know - so why not get one for the great party?

Bonton dress for all year-round

Does your kid like wearing dresses? Bonton dresses are produced with a big variety of cuts, thus providing lots of styles to pick by and certainly you can find a dress perfectly fitted for your little girl.

We ensure you can always find some clothes that suits your girl’s Bonton dress. How about a colourful blouse or a beautiful cardigan and of course, a pair of lovely leggings or tights? The only limit is your imagination.

If your girl needs new footwear to match the Bonton dress, then you have come to the right place as we stock lots of boots, sandals or sneakers.

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