Bonton Cardigans for Kids - Reliable Shipping
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Bonton Cardigan for Kids

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Bonton Cardigan - Knitted - Rose Bikini Bonton Cardigan - Knitted - Rose Bikini  499,95 DKK 
Bonton Cardigan - Knitted - Rose Bikini Bonton Cardigan - Knitted - Rose Bikini  579,95 DKK 
Bonton Cardigan - Knitted - Rose
Bonton Cardigan - Knitted - Rose 499,95 DKK Save 149,99 DKK
349,96 DKK 

Bonton Cardigan - Knitted - Pink
Bonton Cardigan - Knitted - Pink 574,95 DKK Save 172,49 DKK
402,46 DKK 

Bonton cardigans

Are there anyone that doesn’t wish having a cardigan? Bonton cardigans are functional clothes; for school use, for birthdays and other happenings, for looking informal and for oozing style and class. Bonton cardigans fits perfect for changeable weather. We supply Bonton cardigans in several colourtones, prints and forms, along with modern knitted cardigans.

A Bonton cardigan goes well with a pair of jeans and normal pants, skirts and onesies too. Cardigans are excellent clothing since you can assembly several outfits when you put them on; casual and open, pleasant and sealed. Your kid will always look splendid when having a cardigan from Bonton.

Bonton cardigans - thin and solid textile

One of the arguments for why cardigans from Bonton are so favourable is that you have the possibility to decide your look from time to time; stylish in combination with a blouse underneath the cardigan, casual with a tanktop and fine covering a dress - optimal for chilly days during the autumn.

Regardless of if you prefer a fine Bonton cardigan or a solid cardigan, including modern knitted cardigans, we offer both types (and a lot more) here.

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