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Wool Jumpsuits for Babies

CeLaVi Pramsuit - Wool - Stormy Weather CeLaVi Pramsuit - Wool - Stormy Weather 50,25 €
Originally:  67,00 €  
CeLaVi Pramsuit - Wool - Starling CeLaVi Pramsuit - Wool - Starling 50,25 €
Originally:  67,00 €  
CeLaVi Pramsuit - Wool - Woodsmoke CeLaVi Pramsuit - Wool - Woodsmoke 50,33 €
Originally:  67,10 €  

Wool suit for baby and kids

Clothes made of wool for baby and kids are a huge hit with many parents. On this page you will find our large selection of jumpsuits for babies in wool. Wool suits are made of a fantastic material, which is quite suitable both in winter and in summer.

We have possibly Denmark' s largest selection of wool for baby and kids. If you are looking for a wool jumpsuit, you do not need to look around anymore. Regardless of the need for specific colours, sizes, type w. w., then you will find it here in the shop.

Wool overalls are great as a gift

If you are going to a naming party or visiting a family where they have a little baby or a child, a wool overalls suit is very suitable as a gift.

Large selection of wool suits

Look through our wide selection of wool suits for kids of all ages. We have both woolen overalls and woolen baby onesies to keep your little ones warm and comfortable. You will therefore easily find a wool suit, regardless of the size you are looking for.

Wool suits in many different colours

Our selection of wool suits includes a wide spectrum of colours, so you can find the perfect wool suit or wool suit for your child, regardless of preference.

We recommend that you use our filter if there is a specific colour that you want your wool suit to be in. That way, you can quickly filter your way to presenting the wool suits that you want.

Wool suits from many different brands

We offer wool suits from several recognized brands, so you can find the wool suit or wool suit that best suits your child's style and needs.

You can also use our filter to display our selection of woolen suits or woolen overalls from specific brands, thereby quickly narrowing down your search and displaying the woolen suits that you are interested in.

Wool jumpsuit with w. footies

Discover our selection of wool suits with w. footies that keep your child warm and cosy, while providing optimal comfort and freedom of movement. A wool jumpsuit with w. footies is particularly suitable for smaller kids and babies, where it is important to keep the body warm.

How to get wool suits on sale

You can get offers on wool suits in several ways at Kids-world. You can see our offers page to find the best prices on woolen suits and woolen overalls. Make a good deal and get your child's wardrobe updated at a favorable price.

We also recommend that you sign up for our newsletters or follow us on social media. That way, you get everything from offers on woolen suits and woolen overalls directly to your inbox or your feed when we have offers on them.

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