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Baby Book

Recommended Age (Toys)
That's Mine Soft Book - Kimmey - Ladybug That's Mine Soft Book - Kimmey - Ladybug 25,13 €
Originally:  33,50 €  
Name It Soft Book - NbnNelu - Jet Stream Name It Soft Book - NbnNelu - Jet Stream 14,46 €
Originally:  24,10 €  
Sebra Soft Book - Dragon Tales Sebra Soft Book - Dragon Tales 17,42 €
Originally:  26,80 €  
Sebra Soft Book - Dragon Tales Sebra Soft Book - Dragon Tales 23,53 €
Originally:  36,20 €  
Sebra Soft Book - Pixie Land Sebra Soft Book - Pixie Land 23,53 €
Originally:  36,20 €  

Books for babies

If you are looking for a kids’ book for your little boy or girl, then you have come to the right place. Here at Kids-World you will find a nice selection of kids’ books.

The books are good as they are made especially for babies and small kids. This means that it is not a problem that the kid bite, chew and tear the books. They also have lots of beautiful motifs and lovely textures. 

Here you will find kids’ books in many different materials and colours, which should make it possible to find something for everyone. Have a look at our selection and see if you can find a book which is perfect for your little girl or boy. 

Find a book for your baby

Many parents like to buy books for their small kids. Kids’ books will give your kid nice things to look at, either on their own or together with mom or dad. A kids’ book can also help to train your child’s motor skills as the pages must be turned - one at the time.

It can also be very helpful when it is time to slow things down and create a quiet environment where you and your kid can look at all the pictures together. 

A kids’ book can also be a good way to train your child’s vocabulary as you can practice the names of the different things you see in the book. 

Kids’ books with different themes 

No matter if your kid loves animals, the farm, the garden, insects, cars, trains, marine animals, the forest or something else, you will most likely be able to find it among our selection.

We have kids’ books with all kinds of themes to ensure that there is something for everyone. Some of the books can be folded out, while you can turn the pages in others, just like a traditional book. 

Kids’ books in nice designs

Here you will find kids’ books from different brands and with nice designs.This is because we always aim to have something different to choose from. You will find kids’ books in calm pastel colours and kids’ books with powerful colours.

Among our selection you will find kids’ books from famous brands such as Done By Deer, Sebra, Karrusel, Filibabba og Cam Cam. The different brands all have their own beautiful look and great content. 

Kids’ book in wood, textile and hardback 

You can find kids’ books and books for babies in many different materials. We have books in wood, textile and hardback. All the books have been made especially for the smallest ones, which means they are extra durable.

The wonderful books in textile are soft to touch and some of them even consist of different textures which are fun for your kid to explore. It could be an elephant ear made of another type of textile than the rest of the elephant, thereby making it extra fun to touch its ear. 

The books in wood have a beautiful, classic look and at the same time they are basically indestructible. So, if you have a kid who is continuously destroying books, then go for a book made in wood!

Last but not least, we have kids’ books in hardback.

This means that the books have a hard cover and thick pages. These books are similar to real books, but they can withstand drool and being chewed on. 

Kids’ books which can withstand drool and being chewed on 

As mentioned above, the main characteristic of kids’ books is that they are made in durable and hard-wearing materials, which can withstand a rough handling when your little kid gets really enthusiastic.

They are also perfect to take with you on the go as they do not take up too much space and they can easily be dropped on the floor without suffering damage. 

GOTS certified kids’ books 

You will find GOTS-certified kids’ books among the ones made of textile. A product with a GOTS certification means that it is free from harmful substances and that it has been produced under sustainable conditions. This includes, among others, requirements for the working conditions and waste water management. 

In addition to this you will also be able to find kids’ books made of organic cotton. It is always possible to get more information about the specific kids’ book and what it has been made of, by taking a look at the product description.

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