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Thermo Set for Kids


Thermo sets for kids

Get your kids dressed appropriately for outdoor activities with a thermo set. We have a wide selection of thermo sets her at Kids-world. Browse through our entire range of thermo sets and find the perfect thermo suit, thermo pants or thermo jacket, that fit your childs style. They come in a variety of designs and clolourful prints.

Thermo sets, is a wonderful grament that keeps your kid warm during the seasons change. It allows your kid to have flexible body movements. Many use the clothing as outerwear, especially if it is not hot enough outside for a summer jacket, but still too warm for a winter coat.

What is thermo set?

Thermo sets is clothing that with its lining keeps the kid warm, while giving the kid a comfort and mobility, which makes thermo sets a popular choice for kids in the months when the weather goes from either cold to hot or hot to cold.

Thermo set is both breathable and can therefore be used in many different contexts. Thermo set can be used as both outerwear or as an extra layer of clothing under, for example, a set of rainwear when it is both slightly cool and wet outside.

Thermo set is most often made of polyester, but thermo set with others materials can also occur. You can read more about how the different set of thermo sets are made in the product descriptions for the individual thermo sets in our category.

For many parents, thermo set is an indispensable addition to the kid's wardrobe in both spring and autumn. Therefore, it is important to choose a set of thermo set that just keeps the kid warm, while at the same time giving them a movement that most kids love to utilize for play and activities outside.

How to find the right size thermo set

Even if you find thermo set for kids from size 62 up to and including size 176, it may well be that there is still doubt about which size of thermo set you should choose.

If you are in doubt about which size to choose, then it is always a good idea to take the larger of the two sizes that you are considering. Kids grow, and with a larger size, there is also room for a thick blouse under the thermo jacket or a pair of thick trousers under the thermo trousers.

You can read more about the different sizes in our size guide. Here you can, among other things, find indicative measurements of the different clothing sizes.

Thermo set from popular brands

The selection of thermo sets for kids at Kids-world counts a long number of the largest and most popular kid's clothing brands. That is why you will find kid's clothing from brands such as CeLaVi, Hummel, Liewood, MarMar, Lil' Atelier, Mikk-Line, Mini A Ture, Molo, Name It, Wheat and many more brands.

You can always find our selection from the different brands by using our filter. That way you can see our selection of thermo set from a specific brand or several selected brands.

Thermo set fit for rainy days

Combine thermo set with other outerwear like rainwear, winter coat or a snowsuit. It is a practical piece og garment to use when the weather is unpredictable.

In one moment it is warm outside, the next it is cold and windy - and when it is cold and windy, rain often follows with it - And if it does rain, a thermo set will help your kid to stay nice and warm underneath waterproof clothing.

The winter jacket isn’t always 100 % waterproof, and it can therefore be a really good idea to wear a thermo set underneath the rainwear for those rainy days. 

When you put these two styles together, it is really becomes a impeccable set for cold winter days. But when there is no longer a need for a wintercoat or a snowsuit, then garment is the perfect for your kids to go outside and play.

Thermo pants, thermo jackets and thermo vests for boys and girls

Our online shop has a large range of thermo jackets, thermo pants and thermo vests by high-quality brands.

And before you decide on which outerwear your boy or girl should have, we would like emphasize that thermo jackets, suits and pants can be used every day during autumn and springtime.

It is possible to combine the different parts in different ways, depending on the weather, and it gives the kid the opportunity to move around more easily

Super smashing thermo trousers for kids

Thermo trousers are flexible; you can combine thermo trousers with a regular jacket, perhaps your kid’s winter jacket. When it gets warmer outside, your kid can still wear the thermo trousers together with a transitional jacket or a summer jacket.

The thermo trousers often have adjustable elastics at the waist or the are made with suspenders. On most thermo trousers, the knees and the bottom have been reinforced.

Flexible thermo jackets for babies and kids

A thermo jacket is flexible; you can combine a thermo jacket with ordinary trousers, thermo trousers and ski pants. Therefore, thermo trousers are extremely versatile regardless of the trousers your kid wears.

You can purchase a thermo jackets separately. A thermo jacket usually has pockets and a zip, Some thermo jacket also come with reflector tags.

Thermo set in many different styles 

Back in the days, thermo sets were considered you used for practical matters and not necessarily because it looked nice. Luckily times have changed. Today you can find many different kinds of thermo sets, which are both practical, light and warm, but also nice looking.

Here at Kids-World we have termo jackets, thermo vests, thermo pants or thermosuits for kids. We offer thermo sets in many different colours, cuts and patterns.

Generally the thermo sets come in blue, grey, green, yellow, purple, orange, rose, red and black. Much of our thermo clothing is solid-coloured, but we also have termo clothing with beautiful patterns and in many different colours. 

We have more than 15 different brands of thermo sets which offer thermo sets with floral prints, solid-coloured thermo sets, thermo jackets with buttons and thermo jackets with zippers as well as thermo jackets with short or long sleeves. 

With the large selection of thermo sets, it should definitely be possible to find one which combines with the rest of the child’s wardrobe.

Thermo set is perfect for spring and autumn

Thermo sets are also perfect for using during autumn and springtime, when we go from winter to spring or from autumn to winter. There are often a couple of weeks where the days are either sunny and with no wind at all, or windy and cloudy.

Thermo sets are ideal in these kinds of situations, as they are light and breathable and easy to play in. A thermo set is a great option during seasons change, as they keep your kid warm and dry and can be used as outerwear in any occasion

As with any lightweight clothing it may be a good idea to get a thermo set consisting of two pieces, so that you can easily use the thermo pants with a lightweight jacket, or the thermo jacket with a pair of regular pants or a skirt. 

Thermo sets for the camping trip

Thermo sets are not only good idea to use during the cold months. If you are taking the kids camping, hiking, canoeing or on a bike trip, it may be a good idea to pack a thermo set.

The clothes are lightweight and do not take up a lot of space which makes it ideal when packing light. The thermo set is also super convenient for the chilly nights in the tent or in front of the bonfire.

Maybe it’s not necessary to wear the entire set, but a thermo jacket or a thermo vest provides extra isolation and may therefore be a super good add-on to the outdoor equipment.

Great as a layered piece

Most of our thermo sets have an extra padding on the behind and knees for increased longevity. Thermo sets for kids works great and can be used as outerwear in any occasion.

If it starts to rain and the weather is a bit chilly, then thermo set works great as a layered piece underneath a rain coat or a down coat.

When kids are outside playing, it is important that the garment is long-lasting.. And with an extra strong layer on the knees, it will increase the life-span of the garment. 

Remember that your kid can easily use its thermo jacket or thermo vest as a lightweight jacket during autumn and springtime.

We offer a lot of cool and cute thermo jackets, which both look nice at their own or together with a pair of thermo pants. 

Keep your kids warm with a thermo suit

A thermo suit is perfect for keeping your baby or kid warm and comfortable during winter. Thermo suits are primarily to be worn during spring and autumn - often the snowsuit is too warm at this time of year.

A thermo suit is also a great addition to rainwear. Most thermo suits for babies and kids are made with a quality zips and thermo suits have reinforced bottoms and knees.

Therefore, rocking the swing and going down the slide won’t be a wet and clammy experience.

A thermosuit is suitable for the smallest ones. Often the snowsuit is too hot when the kid is running around and playing, but great for naps in the pram or in the stroller.

In this case the thermosuit proves a good alternative and may be combined with a duvet cover or a blanket when it’s time for a nap. 

Thermo sets for teenagers

Most parents know how challenging it can be to convince the older kids of wearing warm and practical clothing, even when it is cold outside.

It is therefore important that they are happy about their outerwear, and think that it fits with the rest of the wardrobe and their style. We offer thermo sets up to size 176, and we have a selection which includes both warm and nice-looking clothing.

We have thermo jackets with A-cuts and thermo jackets with snap sides, which look like fashionable pieces of clothing much more than traditional work clothing.

How do you wash thermo sets?

Thermo sets have a smooth and windbreak surface which means that it is better if you do not wash it too often. Often you will be able to wipe off mud or dirt with a wet cloth, or shake it off when it’s dry.

If the clothes get really dirty and you will have to wash it, we recommend that you wash at no more than 40 degrees with mild detergents. Make sure not to use too much washing powder and use the mild ones while you turn down for the amount of centrifugations. 

We of course recommend that you follow the washing instructions which you will find in the specific piece of clothing, so that your new thermo set will last longer. 

Safe in traffic

The thermo set is often used during the months when it gets dark early and it is therefore a good idea to look for thermo sets with reflective details. We offer both thermosuits and thermo sets with reflectors in order to make sure that your kid is made visible in traffic when going to and from school and/or other activities.

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