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Thermo Jackets for Kids


Thermo jackets for babies and kids

We recommend that you purchase your kid’s next thermo jacket here at Kids-world. We have a wide range of thermo jackets for babies and kids. You can buy the thermo jacket separately.

We stock thermo jackets from a number of well-known brands that are known for making excellent high-quality thermo jackets year after year.

A thermo jacket is perfect as an intermediate layer

Thermo jackets and other types of thermo wear are very practical when you want to keep your baby or kid nice, warm and comfortable despite the cold.

In our part of the world, we have become accustomed to chill winds and hard winds - especially in the autumn and the winter.

A thermo jacket is perfect as an intermediate layer when winds are raging, and rain is pouring; having a thermo jacket as the intermediate layer helps keep your kid warm and comfortable (often rain jackets are not padded).

Thermo jackets in many sizes for kids

You will find thermo jackets for kids in many different sizes, which means you can easily find jackets for both the young and older kids. Normally we have thermo jackets available in the sizes 74, 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134, 140, 146, 152, 164, 170 and 176.

We have thermo jackets and thermo coats for both girls and boys. Use the filter at the top of the page in order to quickly find thermo jackets in your child’s size.

Thermo jackets for girls and boys in beautiful colours

Thermo jackets and coats used to be considered as something only workers would use all day outside. Thermo jackets are indeed suitable for the months when it is cold and windy outside, and today it is even possible to get thermo jackets in many beautiful colours and designs.

At Kids-world we offer thermo jackets in blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, purple, metallic, orange, rose, red and black.

You will find lots of solid-coloured thermo jackets, but also thermo jackets and coats with nice patterns such as flowers, dots and apples. In short, we always have something to choose from at Kids-world.

Thermo jackets for spring and autumn

The good thing about a thermo jacket is that it is super versatile. A thermo jacket or coat can be used as a middle layer under the windbreaker, the raincoat or the winter jacket on really cold days.

However, this is not the only way it can be used. In fact, the thermo jacket can also be used in spring and autumn, and even the chilly summer nights. A thermo jacket is lightweight and is therefore very easy for your kid to carry in the bag, should it become necessary at a later time during the day.

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