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Hoodies for Kids


Hoodies for babies and kids

Are you possibly looking for a cool hoodie for your kid? Then we just want to say; welcome, you have come to the right place. Here at Kids-world you will find lots of hoodies to choose from.

We have a large selection of hoodies for kids and teenagers. Because we know how meticulous both kids and teenagers can be with what they wear we always have a variety of brands in stock. 

Our goal is that everyone, regardless of taste and style, will be able to find something that fits in our online shop. 

We offer hoodies in a sea of colours and colour combinations. You’ll find simple and solid-coloured hoodies, hoodies with embroidered logos, hoodies with simple and stylish prints, and of course also hoodies with crazy prints.

Check out our wide selection of hoodies, or use the filters at the top of the page in order to see the specific hoodies which fit yours and your child’s wants and needs.

Feminine and loud hoodies

We have hoodies designed to fit the feminine fashionista, the tough tomboy and everything in between. Of course, we have the same range for boys. We have hoodies with pointed shaped hoods and hoodies with a more rounded design.

A hoodie is just as nice with a pair of leggings as a pair of jeans or a skirt. We are convinced that you will find a hoodie that suits your kid perfectly. As we have mentioned before, we stock a wide range of colour combinations, such as grey, melelated, blue, red, yellow, black, white, pink and green. 

You'll find solid-coloured hoodies that look cool thanks to sewn or embroidered logos, or with, for example, stripes at the top of one or both sleeves. In our range there are also hoodies with messages, such as the word "attitude" or logos from different designers and brands. 

The hoodies come in many different styles, including hoodies with a sporty look, a cool look, a feminine look and some in a more minimalistic style. In short, we have something for everyone.

Hoodies in many sizes

Here at Kids-World, we offer hoodies for kids of all ages and in many different sizes.

The hoodies may differ in size based on the dimensions in which the size is indicated. Double-check the dimensions in the size table for the product in question using the dimensions of your, or your, kid so that you can feel confident that the size you choose fits. 

We normally have hoodies in stock in the following sizes: 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 128, 140, 152, 164 and 176. Some brands use a different size guide, for example, it might be the following: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

We have hoodies in a variety of colours and colour combinations. You can find block coloured and trendy hoodies, hoodies with embroidered logos, hoodies with stylish prints and of course, hoodies with cool patterns. 

Find the hoodie in the right size

If you are having a hard time finding what you are looking for, we recommend that you use our search function. With it you can narrow the search to colour, size, etc. 

Please note that some manufacturers only make clothes for older kids and start their sizing with XS (equivalent to size 128). It is also clear from the size guide whether the garments from a specific brand are generally small in sizes and a recommendation to buy the hood in a size larger than your kid normally wears, follows.

Some of the hoodies have pockets, either a pocket on either side of the jumper or a large pocket, a so-called kangaroo pocket. At Kids-world you will find hoodies with an elastic cuff or sewn hem. 

Hoodies for babies and the small kids

If you are looking for a hoodie for the youngest member of the family, then look no further. Babies and small kids don’t only look super cute in a hoodie, a hoodie is also super soft and comfortable to wear. The hoodies for babies and kids are made of wood and cotton, which make them suitable as warm clothes for the winter.

Hoodies from many different brands

Here at our online shop, we offer more than 60 different brands of hoodies - from Danish and international brands. We have a wide variety of well-known brands in many different price ranges to ensure that we have something for all budgets. Some of the hoodies have nice logos, while others are solid-coloured or with colourful patterns.

Remember that you can filter by brand, price and colour at the top of the page, which makes it easy to get a quick overview of the selection that suits your child.

Stylish quality hoodies for kids and teens

The hoodies are made in many different and wonderful quality fabrics which are comfortable to wear. Most kids find it nice to be able to hide a bit and shut out the rest of the world every now and then and with a hoodie they simply pull up the hood and hide away for a while.

Our hoodies are available in lovely quality and materials, such as mixed materials of cotton, polyester and elastane, teddy fleece with brushed cotton on the inside. 

Of course, we also have hoodies, and other clothes, which are organically made or manufactured in a production chain that is gentler on workers and the environment. 

Hoodies for the fashion conscious and the cool kids

Hoodies are many kids' favorite clothing. Firstly, there are many stylish, tough and nice prints that appeal to kids. Secondly, it is possible to buy hoodies with stylish designs, all from the simple and discreet to bold statements. 

We have hoodies with animal prints, hoodies with graphic designs, hoodies with famous characters and motifs, hoodies with stripes, hoodies with logos and much more.

Thirdly, you can find hoodies in many different and delicious materials which feel amazing to wear. Finally, most kids think that it is nice to be able to hide sometimes, and this is possible with the hood which they can use to cover themselves up.

Hoodies are made with and without a drawstring in the hood. Hoodies with long sleeves are a must in your kids wardrobe because they work with all sorts of outfits and are comfortable to wear.

Our hoodies come in many different and nice qualities and materials such as wool blends, cotton, polyester and elastane, teddy fleece, hoodies with ribbed edges or soft edges, brushed cotton on the inside, etc.

Hoodies for the older kids and teenagers

Many older kids, tweens and teenagers love the hoodies. They are perfect for the chilly summer nights or to wear under a lightweight jacket during spring or autumn. In addition to this, they are super comfortable and lovely, and they create a cosy feel.

We have a large selection of hoodies for the oldest kids, in many different designs for girls and boys alike. Whether you are looking for a solid-coloured and simple one, one with a huge logo or maybe a cute print, you’ll find it right here.

A hoodie can be used for many different things. It works well to put on after training or as a piece of clothing for those lazy Sundays on the couch.

Cosy hoodies and hoodies for the cool ones

We have, as mentioned earlier, hoodies in cotton mixed with elastane. You’ll also find hoodies which are made of the softest teddy fleece, which is super cosy to wear. Of course we also offer hoodies and other clothes which are organically produced, or have been produced with care for the environment.

The hoodies are made with or without a drawstring in the hood. Hoodies with long sleeves are a must-have in any child’s wardrobe, as it combines with almost everything, and is super easy to get on.

Sports hoodies

If your kid likes doing sports, then you may want to consider adding a hoodie to the regular sports clothes in the wardrobe. The kid will typically get cold very fast when they are done with their training, and a hoodie can be a good solution to avoid this by wearing it to and from training. A hoodie can also be used for doing outdoor sports during the winter, when it gets cold the minute you stand still.

Your kid probably wants the hoodie to match the colour of their sports uniform, in case they have one. We have a large selection of colours and cuts from a wide range of well-known brands in many different sizes. We can therefore almost guarantee you that there will also be one that matches your child’s sports clothing.

Are you interested in checking out more sports clothing, the look for the category ‘sport’ at the top of the page. Here you’ll find sports clothing and equipment for a number of different activities.

Hoodies for all seasons

A nice hoodie is a good investment because it can be used by your kid all year round. It is warm and lovely to wear during the winter, and even more if you choose one with fleece or teddy fleece. It can easily be used on the skiing holiday or when the kid is relaxing at home with the family.

A hoodie can be used on days when the air is still, especially during spring and autumn, or under a thin, windproof jacket when it is windy outside. Or it can be used under a rain jacket, if it is raining.

The hoodie is very versatile, and many kids prefer to use a hoodie over a jacket during the summer. On the warm summer days when neither a jacket nor a jumper is necessary, it can still be a good idea to bring a soft hoodie for the late and chilly evening hours.

A lot of the older kids and teenagers like the hoodie to be oversize. You can always check out the size guides under each product description, to find the size tha

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