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Dummies for Kids


Dummies for babies and kids

Dummies are essential for many kids, babies and parents. It creates a feeling of security and it is very good to have at hand. Finding the perfect dummy for your baby or kid can be a challenge! There are many kinds of dummies in regard to colour, design and material. Luckily this also means that there is something for every single baby. 

Here at Kids-World we have a wide selection of different kinds of dummies, which means you always have something to choose from, no matter whether your kid or baby has a favourite dummy, or if you are looking for something different. 

Browse our large selection and we can almost guarantee that there is something that suits you and your child.

A dummy is the perfect companion

Dummies are known to be perfect companions for babies and kids when going to sleep and as a comforter when your kid is sad and tired. Parents have much to do in the home - therefore, a dummy can be a great help.

Having a baby on your arm can be rather challenging, therefore, a dummy and perhaps a baby nest can be a great solution; the baby stays inside the baby nest and can enjoy having his or her dummy while resting and lying comfortably.

The dummy is a good friend when your little girl or boy is going to start in day nursery or is going to be cared for by the grandparents for the first time. 

Baby dummies in nice colours

Some parents prefer all dummies to have the same colour, while others like to have dummies in different colours, in order to be able to distinguish between them.

Here at Kids-World we generally have baby dummies in the colours blue, brown, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise. This makes it easy to find the colour you are looking for. In addition to solid-coloured dummies, we also offer dummies with nice patterns and motifs. 

You will find baby dummies with stars, baby dummies with suns, baby dummies with monkeys, baby dummies with pandas, baby dummies with hearts, baby dummies with butterflies, baby dummies with rabbits, baby dummies with hedgehogs, baby dummies with planets, baby dummies with logos, baby dummies with dogs, baby dummies with cats, baby dummies with clouds and baby dummies with flowers.

Browse our large selection and see if you find something for for your baby. Remember that you can filter by colours at the top of the page. 

Dummies in different materials

Babies and kids are different and this is why we offer dummies in different materials.

Some dummies are made of natural rubber (also known as latex), while others are made of silicone. None of the two is better than the other, but in case you have latex or rubber allergy in your family, you should choose the dummies in silicone.

You always have the option to read more about the different dummies and the materials they consist of, under each product description. Here you can also read about the properties of the dummy as well as which age range it suits best. 

Flat or round dummies

Another question which many new parents ask themselves is: Which shape should the dummy have? Like with many other materials, there isn’t only one right answer to that question.

Some kids and babies prefer flat dummies while others like those with a round head. We recommend that you try the different types of dummies to see which type suits your kid best. 

There are also dummies with different ‘shields’ or ‘bases’ which refer to the part which the dummy head is attached to and which is outside the child’s mouth.

If you find that the dummy doesn’t fit the child’s face or mouth properly, then try another style with a different shape. 

All the dummies we offer here at Kids-World come with holes in the shape in order to make sure that no vacuum is created between the dummy and the child’s skin. 

Your choice of dummy also depends on whether you are nursing or bottle feeding. 

Baby dummies for different age ranges

When you are going out to buy dummies for your little baby or your child, you should always check out which age range the dummy is designed for.

Your little girl or boy grows, and so should the dummy. It is always possible to find the specific price range which the dummy is intended for, if you read the specific product description.

Remember to replace your baby’s or child’s dummies often to make sure they don’t get mushy or even break while your kid has it in its mouth. You will definitely notice when it’s time to replace the dummy, as the dummy will start to change its shape, get small cracks or even change colour.

It is even more important when the kid is getting teeth as this will be a little more rough on the dummy than earlier. 

Baby dummies from different brands

Here at Kids-World you will find baby dummies from different brands. This means that there is always a lot to choose from, both when it comes to materials, colours, designs and price. 

You can use the different filters at the top of the page in order to find the kind of dummy you are looking for. Common for all the dummies we offer is that you can be sure that they have been made of delicious and safe materials of a high quality. 

If you are looking for dummies from a specific brand, then don’t forget that you have the option to filter by brand at the top of the page. 

Maintenance of baby dummies

Babies’ and kids’ dummies must be kept clean - just like everything else - so they don’t transfer bacteria to the baby or the kid. Parents need to take precautions when purchasing dummies.

If you baby loses the dummy on to the floor, or it has been a while since the dummy was used last, it’s important that you clean the dummy thoroughly. It’s also a good idea NOT to lick the dummy before giving it to the baby. Diseases may be transferred.

There are different guidelines to how the dummies should be cleaned, which depend on the material they are made of. Dummies made of silicone typically withstand being boiled, while it is recommended that you pour boiling water over dummies in natural rubber and latex and leave them there for a few minutes only. 

Remember to ‘empty’ the dummies for water after each wash in order to avoid getting bacteria in the dummy.

If you think of bringing extra dummies on the go, it may be a good idea to store the clean ones in a little plastic box with a lid that closes tightly so that the dummies don’t get mixed with everything else you have in the bag. In this way, you make sure that you always have a clean dummy for your child, even when you’re away from home. 

Get the same colour dummy for day nursery and kindergarten

In order to make it easier for the nursery teachers, it’s a good idea to get same-colour dummies; then it’s much easier for them to know which dummy is your kid’s dummy.

Often dummies lie in many different places and the nursery teachers find them...and other kids as well (and they might take each other’s dummies).

You can alternatively choose to buy dummies with a specific pattern or motif. This will also make it easier to recognize the dummies.

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