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Wool blankets for kids

Fendi Wool Blanket - Pink/White Fendi Wool Blanket - Pink/White 372,00 €
Originally:  620,00 €  
Smallstuff Wool Blanket - 80x100 - Soft Rose Smallstuff Wool Blanket - 80x100 - Soft Rose 46,90 €
Originally:  67,00 €  

Wool blankets for babies and kids

Wool is well-suited for babies' clothing and kids' wear. At Kids-world you'll find a vast selection of wool blankets for babies and kids. Wool and wool blankets have been made of a wonderful material which make it perfect for all types of weather - both cold and warm weather.

Here, you'll find wool blankets made from 100 % pure wool, whereas some blankets are made of a blending of wool and another material (i.e. cotton, silk and bamboo). If you are familiar with the different types of wool, we are happy to tell you that we stock wools such as Kashmir, Merino, Virgin and Mohair.

We have a vast selection of wool clothing and wool accessories and blankets. Therefore, you have come to the right place if you are looking for a new, warm and wonderful blanket for your boy or girl.

Wool blankets are great gifts

A wool blanket is the perfect gift for a baby, kid or toddler. His parents will love you even more for giving such a wonderful gift to your child.

Wool blankets have a brilliant feature; wool is heat regulating; when it's cold and chilly, wool helps keeping you warm and comfortable; when it's warm temperatures, wool absorbs the heat and helps you feel comfortable without being too hot.

Wool blankets need special care

Prolong the use of your wool blanket and remember to use the correct detergent, wool detergent, as this helps the wool to keep its elasticity and softness.

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