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Viking Thermo Boots

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Shoe Size

Viking Thermo Boots - Extreme - Light Lilac/Peral Grey Viking Thermo Boots - Extreme - Light Lilac/Peral Grey  499,95 DKK 
Viking Thermo Boots w. Linning - Ultra - Navy/Charcoal Viking Thermo Boots w. Linning - Ultra - Navy/Charcoal  399,95 DKK 
Viking Thermo Boots - Navy w. Red Viking Thermo Boots - Navy w. Red  499,95 DKK 
Viking Thermo Boots - Navy Viking Thermo Boots - Navy  349,95 DKK 
Viking Thermo Boots - Yellow Viking Thermo Boots - Yellow  349,95 DKK 
Viking Thermo Boots - Pink Viking Thermo Boots - Pink  349,95 DKK 
Viking Thermo Boots - Black/Grey Viking Thermo Boots - Black/Grey  399,95 DKK 
Viking Thermo Boots - Fuchsia/Purple Viking Thermo Boots - Fuchsia/Purple  399,95 DKK 

Viking thermo boots for kids

Viking thermo boots are a must-have for boys and girls. Summer drawing at its close or winter giving way for spring often mean changeable weather conditions; some days are freezing cold while others are nicely warm. 

Such weather conditions call for a pair of weatherproof Viking thermo boots - perfect for kindergarten and day nursery or for going to the playground or a walk in the woods. For such occasions it is important that you kid’s feet are warm and dry.

Regular thermo boots do not have the extra thermo-layer as Viking thermo boots do - Viking thermo boots keep feet warm at as low temperatures as minus 12-15 degrees Celsius.

Colourful Viking thermo boots 

Thermo boots come in lots of colours and styles. At Kids-world we stock a wide range of popular thermo boots. So, if you cannot find a pair of Viking thermo boots to your liking, we are certain you can find a pair from one/some of the other brands.

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