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MarMar Rainwear for Kids

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MarMar Rainwear w. Suspenders - PU - Espresso MarMar Rainwear w. Suspenders - PU - Espresso  549,95 DKK 
MarMar Rainwear - PU - Espresso MarMar Rainwear - PU - Espresso  549,95 DKK 
MarMar Rainhat - PU - Albert - Espresso MarMar Rainhat - PU - Albert - Espresso  159,95 DKK 
MarMar Rainwear w. Suspenders - PU - Wine MarMar Rainwear w. Suspenders - PU - Wine  499,95 DKK 
MarMar Rainwear - PU - Wine MarMar Rainwear - PU - Wine  549,95 DKK 
MarMar Rainhat - PU - Albert - Wine MarMar Rainhat - PU - Albert - Wine  159,95 DKK 
MarMar Rain Jacket - Odetta - Light Moss
MarMar Rain Jacket - Odetta - Light Moss 799,95 DKK     Save 239,99 DKK   
559,96 DKK 

MarMar rainwear for kids

We always stock a fine choice of dashing MarMar rainwear for kids and teens. You can find several styles in many colours, designs and prints - all in one place. Feel free to browse our website for your kid’s new MarMar rainwear.

Get ready for rainy days with MarMar rainwear

The weather conditions have become more and more unpredictable - except for one thing; it rains a lot… Therefore, it is great to have one or two sets of MarMar rainwear - one for home and one for day care/day nursery, kindergarten and/or school. Your kids can play outside in the rain at all times and you do not have to worry about him or her getting soaked.

Get the perfect MarMar rainwear for your kids

Naturally, your personal style and how often your kid will wear rainwear influence the choice you make when choosing your kid’s new MarMar rainwear. Reflector tags are especially important during autumn, winter and early spring, so you may want to check out how many reflector tags there are - and of course also where they are placed on the rainwear.

Other things to take into consideration could be: hood or no hood? Removable hood? Pockets? Perhaps your kid enjoys bringing home small treasures he or she finds outside (sticks, stones, snail shells and the like) that they want to show mummy and daddy when they come back inside.

Finally, you can learn about the technical qualities of the MarMar rainwear; water resilience, windproof, durability and breathability from the product descriptions provided by the manufacturer.

We stock lots of rainwear from many brands - therefore, if you cannot find the perfect MarMar rainwear, we suggest you browse the main category of rainwear. We are certain you can find something/much to your liking.

While you are browsing for rainwear, you may want to look for footwear such as rubber boots or fleece jackets to match your kid’s rainwear. Find it right here at Kids-world.

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