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Wheat Rainwear for Kids

Wheat Rainsuit w. Thermal - PU - Aiko - Autumn Sky Wheat Rainsuit w. Thermal - PU - Aiko - Autumn Sky 74,04 €
Originally:  113,90 €  
Wheat Rainsuit w. Termo - PU - Aiko - Lavender Rose Wheat Rainsuit w. Termo - PU - Aiko - Lavender Rose 78,39 €
Originally:  120,60 €  
Wheat Rain Pants w. Thermo - PU - Um - Dried Bay Wheat Rain Pants w. Thermo - PU - Um - Dried Bay 39,20 €
Originally:  60,30 €  
Wheat Rainsuit - PU - Mika - Yellow Gooseberry Wheat Rainsuit - PU - Mika - Yellow Gooseberry 36,18 €
Originally:  60,30 €  

Wheat rainwear for kids

Within the rainwear collection at Kids-world you find smashing rainwear for kids and teens from brands such as Wheat. We stock something for everyone; various shades, styles and prints. We always stock an excellent choice of Wheat rainwear for kids of all ages at Kids-world.

Wheat rainwear for all-weather conditions

Another day of raining cats and dogs? Will it ever stop? Of course, it will, however, a large part of the year presents you with rainy days. Therefore, you might as well prepare yourself and your kids for this type of weather. Fortunately, many kids enjoy playing outside in the rain - when properly dressed that is!

Make sure your kids can go outside to play on days when it is pouring down. Get them excellent rainwear from Wheat - you may consider buying more than one set of rainwear, so you can have one set of rainwear ready at home and one set of rainwear ready in day care, kindergarten and/or ready for school.

We stock styles to everyone’s liking - including yours!

Wheat rainwear with reflector tags

Naturally, your taste and style influence which type of Wheat rainwear you choose. How often your kid will need to wear rainwear also influences which style or type you choose. During the chilly seasons (autumn, winter and early spring), we suggest you choose rainwear with reflector tags. Does your kid want rainwear w/o a hood - perhaps it is a good idea to get a raincoat with removable hood? Does your kid need pockets - perhaps he or she finds beautiful pebbles or sticks, snail shells or skulls of tiny animals when going for a walk in the woods - these need to be put somewhere.

Questions such as these are relevant to consider when buying new rainwear for your kid.

Finally, the technical qualities are important, too: windproof/water resilient/waterproof/breathability. Information about this will be described in the product specifications.

If you are unable to find the perfect Wheat rainwear, we recommend you look for rainwear amongst some of all the other brands that we stock at Kids-world.

How is Wheat rainwear sized?

Are you in doubt about the sizes of Wheat rainwear? So let us help you. Wheat is known for having a really good and true fit, but it's always a good idea to check specific measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

At Kids-world, we have a practical size guide that can help you find the correct size for your child. When it comes to rainwear, it is important to remember that there must be room for a little extra clothing underneath, without it being too tight or restricting movement.

So before ordering your Wheat rainwear, we recommend that you measure your child's height, chest, waist and inside leg length and compare these measurements with our size guide. This will help you find the most comfortable and efficient fit so your child can enjoy outdoor adventures, whatever the weather.

Remember that at Kids-world we are always ready to help you with all your shopping needs. We want you and your child to have the best experience with our products. So take a look at our Wheat rainwear and let us help you find the perfect set for your child.

Wheat rainwear in many different sizes

Whether you have a little tumbling or a bigger explorer, we have Wheat rainwear in sizes to fit your child's needs. From Wheat rainwear size 86 to 140, we are proud to offer a wide selection of Wheat rainwear so that all kids can enjoy their outdoor fairy tale, whatever the weather.

Our range of Wheat rainwear includes sizes 86,92,98,104,110,116,122,128,134 and 140. This means that you can find the perfect set of rainwear that fits your child's height and build exactly.

Wheat rainwear is designed to be roomy and comfortable so your child can move and play freely. And with our wide range of sizes, we are sure that you can find the perfect set that gives your child plenty of room to move and protects against bad weather.

So don't let the rainy weather hold your child back. With Wheat rainwear in the right size, your child can play, explore and enjoy nature all year round. Take a look at our selection of Wheat rainwear today and find the perfect set for your child's next outdoor fairy tale.

You can get Wheat rainwear in many different colours

Whether your child is a large fan of sunshine yellow, scenic green, soothing blue or classic grey, we have a colorful range of Wheat rainwear to suit their unique style.

In addition to its high quality and durability, Wheat rainwear is known for its smart design, and our selection of colours makes it even more fun for your child to get dressed for a day outdoors.

Let him or her light up a grey day with a Wheat rainwear yellow set, or match the colour of the sky with a set of Wheat rainwear blue version. Wheat rainwear green edition will make your child feel like set of nature, while a set of Wheat rainwear grey gives a timeless, versatile look.

We know how important it is for kids to be able to express themselves, and with Wheat rainwear in these both vibrant and more muted colours, they can do just that. So explore our colorful selection of Wheat rainwear and find the set that will make your child smile, even on the rainiest of days.

Should your Wheat rainwear have a print or pattern

If your little girl is a little flower lover, she will absolutely love our selection of Wheat rainwear with floral prints. These cute, colorful patterns are sure to add a little extra fun to her day, even when the weather is gray and dull.

Wheat rainwear flowers are designed with a focus on both style and functionality, so your child will be dressed to play and explore outdoors, regardless of the weather. And with our selection of charming floral prints and others great patterns, he or she will look fantastic at the same time.

From the delicate floral patterns to speckled, more colorful designs, there's a style to suit every little pattern lover. So let your child express his love for nature and flowers with a pair of Wheat rainwear with a print or pattern - because even a rainy day can be beautiful and full of colours.

Choose between Wheat rainwear with suspenders and without

Are you looking for the perfect rainwear for your child? Consider Wheat rainwear with suspenders. These pieces are not only stylish but also incredibly practical and functional. The suspenders ensure that the trousers stay up and keep your child dry, no matter how much he or she runs around and plays in the rain.

Wheat is known for its child-friendly design and high quality. With rainwear from Wheat, you can be sure that your child is protected from the elements, without compromising on either comfort or freedom of movement.

Our range of Wheat rainwear with suspenders comes in a variety of colours and sizes, so there's something for every child and every style. Let your child enjoy outdoor fairy tale without losing trousers with Wheat rainwear with suspenders - because nothing should stand in the way of fun and play.

What is the water column pressure on Wheat rainwear?

Parents want to make sure their kids are dry and comfortable when playing outside in the rain, and that's where water column pressure comes into play.

Wheat rainwear is known for its high water column pressure. But what does that really mean? The water column pressure is a measurement of how waterproof a material is. A higher water column pressure means that the clothing can withstand a higher pressure of water, which makes it more waterproof.

Rainwear from Wheat has a water column pressure of up to 10,000 mm, which means that it can withstand very heavy rain without the water penetrating through. This makes Wheat rainwear the perfect choice for your child on rainy days.

Protect your child from the rain and make sure they can enjoy their outdoor fairy tale, whatever the weather, thanks to the sublime Wheat rainwear water column pressure. Shop today and experience the difference for yourself.

Choose from popular varieties of Wheat rainwear

Are you looking for the perfect balance between functionality, quality and design in your child's rainwear? Then Wheat rainwear is just what you're looking for. Choose from our many popular variants, including the popular Wheat rainwear Charlie model.

Wheat rainwear is designed with children's comfort and freedom of movement in mind, and the Charlie model is no exception. This model is known for its fit, durability and ability to keep your child dry in all kinds of weather.

But hang on, because there's more to come. We often have good offers Wheat rainwear Charlie offers, so you can ensure your child the best rainwear without blowing the budget. Sign up for our newsletter so that you don't have to constantly keep an eye on our website to catch the best offers and make a bargain. Make your next bargain and Shop Wheat rainwear Charlie at Kids-world.

How to shopper Wheat rainwear on sale

At Kids-world, we often have great offers on Wheat rainwear, so your child can be well-dressed and protected from the weather without blowing the budget.

Finding offers is easy. Visit our sale category. Here you can see all our current Wheat rainwear offers. You can sort by size, colour or model, so you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Or even easier: If you want to be among the first to hear about our Wheat rainwear offer, you can sign up for our newsletter. That way, you will never miss a good deal. Start your shopping today or wait for the next great deal to find its way to your inbox.

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