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Bed Canopies

Sebra Canopy - Jetty Beige Sebra Canopy - Jetty Beige 120,80 €


Cam Cam Canopy - Ashley Cam Cam Canopy - Ashley 114,40 €


Cam Cam Canopy - Classic+ Stripes Blue Cam Cam Canopy - Classic+ Stripes Blue 114,10 €


Filibabba - Warm Grey Filibabba - Warm Grey 107,40 €


Bloomingville Bed Canopy - Brown Bloomingville Bed Canopy - Brown 148,00 €


Liewood Canopy - Enzo - Pecan Liewood Canopy - Enzo - Pecan 121,10 €


Sebra Bed Canopy - Blossom Lilac Sebra Bed Canopy - Blossom Lilac 125,00 €


Sebra Bed Canopy - Bedtime Blue Sebra Bed Canopy - Bedtime Blue 125,00 €


Filibabba Canopy - Blush Filibabba Canopy - Blush 107,40 €


Filibabba Canopy - Nature White Filibabba Canopy - Nature White 107,40 €


Sebra Bed Canopy - Dark Amber
Sebra Bed Canopy - Dark Amber 59,00 €
Originally: 118,00 €


Cam Cam Bed Canopy - Aurora Cam Cam Bed Canopy - Aurora 123,50 €


Sebra Canopy - Blossom Pink Sebra Canopy - Blossom Pink 120,60 €


Sebra Canopy - Powder Blue Sebra Canopy - Powder Blue 120,60 €


OYOY Bed Canopy - Rose OYOY Bed Canopy - Rose 134,20 €


Leander Classic Canopy - Crib - Dusty Rose Leander Classic Canopy - Crib - Dusty Rose 53,60 €


Leander Classic Canopy - Crib - Dusty Blue Leander Classic Canopy - Crib - Dusty Blue 53,60 €


Leander Linea Canopy Stick - Beech Leander Linea Canopy Stick - Beech 80,70 €


Leander Classic Canopy Stick - Walnut Leander Classic Canopy Stick - Walnut 80,70 €


Filibabba Canopy - Grey Filibabba Canopy - Grey 93,80 €


Bed canopies for babies and kids

Wonderful bed canopies in smashing colours. Perfectly suited for the nursery where they help create a cosy atmosphere.

Are you looking for a nice and lovely bed canopy for your baby or your kid? - Well, then you have come to the right place. At Kids-world we offer you a wide range of bed canopies in all kinds of wonderful colours and shades. A bed canopy is extremely convenient when you want to protect the kid from the light and drafts.

A bed canopy’s primary function is to be put above the child’s cradle or cot. Many, however, also use it for making a cosy spot in the nursery; a lovely combination of soft cushions, blankets and a bed canopy give the most wonderful moments in the nursery or in the sitting room.

Have a look around and see if you can find a bed canopy which suits your wants and needs. 

Bed canopy for cot and cradle

It is quite common to use a bed canopy for both cot and cradle. You get the opportunity to create extra cosiness to the cot or the cradle.

When the kid gets bigger, and you need to replace the cradle for a cot or a bigger bed, you can re-use the bed canopy and continue the safe environment with which the kid is accustomed to.

If you want, you can also hang different kinds of baby mobiles or decorations from the canopy to give the kid something to look at before sleeping or rigth when they wake up. 

Popular brands’ bed canopies

You’ll find beautiful bed canopies from several popular brands. Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect bed canopy for your boy or girl, too.

You will find canopies from famous brands such as Bloomingville, Leander, Sebra, Filibabba and Cam Cam.

The bed canopies are available in many shades and colours such as beige, royal blue, midnight plum, cream-coloured, rose-pink, white, light-blue, dusty rose, charcoal grey, grey, blue, light rose and dark grey..

It is a good idea to consider which ‘look’ you are going for before choosing the colour. A bed canopy in a light colour has a beautiful and light expression, and at the same time keeps the light out just like a bed canopy in a darker colour.

A bed canopy in a darker colour will typically occupy more space visually in the kids’s room, especially if it isn’t that big. 

Popular brands

Iris Lights Baby Art Citatplakat
Play&Go Funko Studio Circus

A bed canopy will put the finishing touches

Even though a bed canopy has practical functions, many people buy it for their kids because it looks super nice over the bed in the kids’s room.

A bed canopy can give the cradle, the cot or kids’s bed an almost royal look and create a nice and magical atmosphere. It is also super cosy to lie under a bed canopy and read a book or watch a movie with a friend.

With that being said, a bed canopy also has practical functions. A bed canopy screen from the light and draught, which is a big help especially when the smallest ones are going to sleep. 

Simple wash of bed canopy 

A bed canopy is basically a very big piece of textile, which means that it must be washed from time to time to avoid collecting dust in the kids’s room.

Most of the bed canopies can be put in the washing machine so that you always have a clean and delicious bed canopy.

It is however important that you follow the washing instructions which are included with the bed canopy. 

Buy a GOTS-certified bed canopy

Here you will also find bed canopies which are GOTS-certified. When you buy a bed canopy with a GOTS certification, you are assured that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

In addition to this, the GOTS-certification also ensures that the bed canopy has been produced under sustainable conditions which have considered waste water management and working conditions.

By reading the product description you will easily find out if the bed canopy is GOTS-certified. 

Bed canopy on sale

Are you looking for a bed canopy on sale? Then you must keep an eye on our sales-category. Should we have a bed canopy on sale one day, this is the category where you’ll find it.

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