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Cybex Stroller - Libelle - Stormy Blue Cybex Stroller - Libelle - Stormy Blue 235,92 €
Originally:  294,90 €  
Cybex Stroller - Libelle - Canvas White Cybex Stroller - Libelle - Canvas White 235,92 €
Originally:  294,90 €  
Cybex Stroller - Libelle - Dark Blue Cybex Stroller - Libelle - Dark Blue 235,92 €
Originally:  294,90 €  

Large selection of strollers

Are you looking for a new stroller? Here at Kids-world you will find a huge selection of the best strollers on the market. In our large range of strollers you will find models for every purpose and budget. You will find strollers from all the biggest and most popular brands right here.

From umbrella pushchairs to foldable strollers - no matter what you are looking for, you can find the right product for your family at Kids-world. There are many different types and models of strollers. You can read on here to find out which type of stroller is easiest and most useful for your family.

When do you use a stroller?

Using a stroller is a fantastic transport solution for parents and kids. A stroller helps you as a parent get you and your child to a certain location faster than if you both walked.

All parents know that their child gets tired or gets sore legs on the trip. Sometimes kids just sit down and refuse to go any further. In these situations, it is absolutely ideal to place them in the stroller so that you can continue the journey. During a long day of fairy tale with the kids, a stroller is a must-have.

Whether you're going to the zoo or an amusement park, long walks almost always mean sore legs in young kids. The Stroller allows them to take breaks while you are still moving towards the goal. A stroller is ideal for slightly older toddlers. They can often walk quite a set by themselves, but need the breaks that a stroller offers.

As well as being great for your child to relax in, a stroller is also a handy place to store all the things you need when you're out and about together.

A stroller can also contribute to your child's safety. You know for sure how difficult it can be to keep an eye on small kids. Losing your child outside is every parent's nightmare. Small kids are very curious and love to explore their surroundings. When your child is strapped into the pram, you can always keep track of where they are.

Which stroller should I choose? Your guide to a stroller

It is a large decision when you have to buy a new stroller. It can be compared somewhat to buying a new car. How good is the suspension? What types of terrain can the stroller be used on? Is it easy to turn? How good is it for storage? There are countless models of strollers and choosing the right one is a large investment. In this section, we will help you discover how to choose the best stroller on the market for your specific needs.

When choosing a stroller, there are many factors you should consider. Do you live in the city and need a stroller to get around? Or will the stroller rather be for special occasions and usually lie in the boot of the car? How often you need to use a stroller and your everyday life should help determine how expensive a model you should buy.

The size of your family is also important. If you only have one child or are planning several kids with a pair years in between, a stroller for a single child is enough. If you have several small kids, a sibling pram can be the ideal choice.

If you are tall or if there is a large height difference between you and your partner, you should choose a stroller with an adjustable handle.

How long do kids use a stroller?

Many new parents have questions regarding the use of strollers. How long should kids even use them? There are divided opinions on the subject, but in general it is recommended that kids aged 4-5 no longer sit in stroller.

The transition to becoming stroller-free should begin at the age of 3, when your child is able to walk without falling and can understand and follow your instructions. This of course requires patience and support. Sometimes parents tend to underestimate their child's ability to walk.

If your child is sure on his feet and shows no interest in sitting in the stroller, there is no reason to use it. Kids have shorter legs than adults, but they are still able to walk fairly far. Often longer than parents expect.

Kids naturally also develop differently. It could be that you have a 4-year-old who looks like a 6-year-old, for example. Children's physical abilities also vary, and some may have trouble walking long distances. For some kids, a stroller may be the best solution for getting around. But using a stroller for too long can hinder your child's physical development and activity.

You should always be careful not to use the stroller for too long. That being said, no one knows your child better than you do. If you still feel they need more time, then finally continue using the stroller as transportation.

Which stroller is best?

It can really be a challenge to choose the right stroller. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. On the other hand, a cheap, simple stroller may be the best solution. A stroller is designed to make time outdoors more practical and convenient for you and your child.

We have tried to make it easier for you to choose the right stroller, by mentioning some things you should consider before buying, so that the process does not become too overwhelming for you.

First of all, you should take your child's age into consideration. If you are looking for a stroller for a very little child, you should choose a different size than if your child is bigger and can already easily jump in and out of a stroller without help. Many parents are happy with a bassinet-style stroller for newborns, but remember that kids need another stroller when they get a little bigger and no longer want to lie on their backs.

Size and weight of a stroller are also important. For example, if you have a little car and want to transport the stroller in it, it is worth considering how large it is. If you want to pack it up and carry the stroller from time to time, it is also important that it is not too heavy.

Whether a stroller is user-friendly or not is also important. Some strollers can be complex to unfold and fold. Some also have wheels, which can be difficult to lock and unlock. If you are very particular about design and style, you can of course also choose a stroller from a luxury brand in incredible materials. You must also consider where you will use the stroller. If there is rough terrain, if you want to run or if you need a stroller that can accommodate several kids, you need a special stroller.

Umbrella stroller

An umbrella stroller is incredibly practical. It is so easy to fold up and throw in the trunk. If you are going shopping with your child or packing for a travel, it is ideal to take an umbrella stroller with you.

An umbrella stroller is lightweight and smaller than a standard stroller. It is designed for parents on the go and is super easy to take out. If you prefer a little and light stroller, an umbrella stroller is ideal. They are made to be easy to carry around and some of them even have a strap to carry them over the shoulder. They can be folded up to the size of an umbrella!

If you are planning a travel with your little, an umbrella stroller is the right choice for you. Even if you already have a larger stroller, it's a really good idea to buy an umbrella stroller next to it for travel purposes, as it's easy to take on a flight.

If you live in an apartment and have limited space (you may even have to carry the stroller up), an umbrella stroller is also a fantastic solution. Most umbrella strollers are designed for kids older than 6 months. It is necessary for your child to be able to sit up by himself, so if you have a newborn, a different type of stroller is necessary.

Stroller sleeping bag for stroller

Stroller sleeping bag are great for keeping little kids warm and comfortable outdoors in the winter. Many of them can be used in different ways, both for the stroller, the child seat, in a lift etc. When you have to choose a stroller sleeping bag, you must remember that there are many different models that suit different kids.

All kids are different, so it can be difficult to choose the right stroller sleeping bag for your stroller. First, consider the size of the stroller and your child. Also look for practical features, such as anti-slip features and whether the stroller sleeping bag can be easily washed.

It is also important to consider the climate you will be using the stroller sleeping bag for. In Denmark, it is important to have a stroller sleeping bag that is weather resistant (it must be able to withstand cold, rain, snow and wind) so that your child can feel comfortable outdoors in the stroller. When you find the right stroller sleeping bag for the stroller, your child will be ready for all your fairy tale together.

Sibling stroller/twin stroller/double

If you are the parent of a set of twins or have siblings close in age, a sibling stroller is ideal for your family. Pushing two separate strollers around at the same time is not fun or convenient.

Twin strollers are great for transporting the kids around town. With a double stroller, you can easily take the kids shopping, to the park or others else, even if you are alone with them.

If you have two kids, one of whom is a little older and will soon be able to walk on his own, a sibling stroller can still be a good choice. Many models allow you to remove one seat when it is no longer in use, so you don't have to worry about that.

The best double strollers offer a smooth experience on the street and have several practical features, such as universal car seat conversion functions and seats that can be easily arranged in several ways. These functions help to make everyday life a little easier with small kids, so you can avoid a set of stress.

Strollers in several sizes

There are six different types of strollers in different sizes. A traditional, standard-sized stroller is the most common. If you compare this type of stroller with others models, it is quite a large stroller.

This large stroller offers plenty of storage space, a large, comfortable seat, larger wheels and of course they also weigh more. The more expensive models of large strollers include a bassinet for the smallest kids.

There are also small strollers which can be converted into a child seat in the car. These large strollers have a frame on which the child seat can be mounted. They do not weigh very much and are extremely practical.

If you would like a little stroller, an umbrella stroller is the ideal choice. They are easy to fold, compact and do not weigh very much. However, you cannot usually use them for kids under 6 months. They also have smaller wheels, so it is more difficult to maneuver and push this type of little stroller over rough terrain.

You can also choose a little jogging stroller. These are specially designed small strollers, made to roll out quickly and straight when jogger, all the while reducing bumps and jolts for your child.

If you are looking for a large stroller, a double stroller might be the right choice. A double stroller has two seats and is absolutely essential if you have twins. This type of large stroller can also be used for a baby and their slightly older siblings.

Collapsible stroller

Collapsible strollers take up very little space even when folded with the seat on. Some foldable strollers are small enough that you can take them as hand luggage on a flight.

Many collapsible strollers are also light enough that you can carry them around via the handle or a shoulder strap. It is a perfect solution if you lack space, have a little luggage compartment in your car or plan to travel a set with your child.

Foldable strollers can also be handy if you often take public transportation. For many parents, especially those who live in large cities, a large travel system is not necessary for daily use.

Not all foldable strollers have the same mechanisms.

Some models are super easy to fold at the push of a button - ideal if you're on a busy bus with a little child on your arm. Others foldable strollers require two hands and several steps to fold - but they can also be folded so much that they take up much less space.

Strollers with fixed wheels

Strollers with 4 wheels are the traditional choice. These models often have fixed wheels, that is, the wheels do not turn when you move the stroller in a certain direction. There are many advantages to choosing a stroller with fixed wheels.

This type of stroller offers more stability than a 3-wheel stroller with swivel wheels. There are also several models with fixed wheels, so they are easier to find. They also often come in beautiful, elegant designs. Another thing worth thinking about is that they often weigh less. As a rule, 4-wheel strollers with fixed wheels also have more functions than the 3-wheel models.

Some disadvantages of strollers with fixed wheels are that they cannot be used for jogging with a child in them. They are more difficult to steer and turn, so they are not as easy to maneuver around tight spaces. Strollers with fixed wheels also have smaller wheels which can get stuck in cracks on the street etc.

Strollers with swivel wheels

Most strollers with swivel wheels are the 3-wheel models. The front wheel is larger than the two rear wheels. Strollers with swivel wheels can be used on many types of terrain and often you can even jog with your child in them.

There are also many advantages to choosing a stroller with swivel wheels. They are easier to maneuver than strollers with fixed wheels. Since strollers with swivel wheels have larger wheels, it is easier to drive over obstacles with them. They are also much easier to steer since the front wheel can be turned. Most 3-wheel strollers with swivel wheels also make it possible to remove the front wheel quickly and easily.

Strollers with swivel wheels are perfect for jogging with your child. Some disadvantages of strollers with swivel wheels include That they are not as stable as strollers with fixed wheels. They also tip over more easily, even with a child sitting in them. Overall, they are more expensive than 4-wheel strollers and have fewer practical features. They tend to be heavy and it can be a challenge to get them to fit in the trunk. They are also not safe for kids and babies under 6 months.

Strollers from many strong brands

At Kids-world, we have a large selection of many different brands in all price ranges. You will find many different models of strollers from well-known brands such as Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, Baby Jogger, Bebeconfort, Versace and many more.

We often add new brands and models of strollers to our large range of baby and children's equipment. We also have a huge selection of accessories for strollers, which can make trips outside even more comfortable for both you and your child.

Maxi-Cosi stroller

Maxi-Cosi makes strollers which are designed to suit every lifestyle. Whether you need a light stroller that is easy to travel with, a stroller with strong wheels for difficult terrain or a practical 3-in-1 stroller, you can find the perfect product from Maxi-Cosi.

A stroller is much more than just a way to transport your child.

It should be comfortable and fun for both of you. Therefore, Maxi Cosi strollers are designed with these purposes in mind. Maxi Cosi strollers combine comfort, design and functionality. The Strollers from Maxi-Cosi help you navigate the world as a new parent.

Cybex stroller

Cybex makes strollers for all price ranges of different quality. The Cybex strollers come in three different categories: Cybex Silver, Cybex Gold and Cybex Platinum. From strollers for babies to complete travel systems - Cybex offers lightweight strollers that are compact, flexible, functional and stylish.

In others words, they are perfectly suited to life as modern parents.

Cybex is a brand that is not afraid of innovation. This has made them a leading brand when it comes to children's safety. With innovative approaches, Cybex develops products with parents in mind, without compromising on safety, design or functionality.

Baby Jogger stroller

Baby Jogger strollers are designed for active parents who love to run with their kids. Baby Jogger created the first jogging stroller in 1984. Today they create all kinds of strollers and baby equipment.

All their strollers are robust, versatile and of very high quality. From strollers for everyday use to super light strollers for travel - you'll find it all in Baby Jogger's range. With popular models such as City Select, City Mini, City Mini GT, City Tour and Summit X3, you can be sure to find the right stroller for your child. Baby Jogger also has double strollers and travel systems, as well as strollers for all types of terrain.

You can buy various types of accessories for your Baby Jogger stroller, such as smart bassinet kits, sunshades, etc.

Bebeconfort stroller

Make the day outdoors with your child a game with a stroller from Bebeconfort. Whether you're going on a trip with the family, going for a long walk or visiting a pair shops, a stroller from Bebeconfort accompany you everywhere. They are made for parents on the go.

Bebeconfort's strollers are made to last a long time and many models can be used from birth. Bebeconfort's strollers are perfect for small kids to take a nap in. Bebeconfort has strollers for kids from 6 months of age. They are convenient with lots of comfort. These strollers are also perfect for travel as they are light and easy to store.

Versace stroller

If you are into fantastic design and luxurious quality, it may be that a Versace stroller is what you need. Versace's strollers come with innovative technical features. Versace's Barocco stroller has an absolutely fantastic design with the most beautiful print.

This model is suitable for kids up to 22 kg. With its aluminum and magnesium frame, this stroller is very light and easy to handle. You can open and close it with just one hand. The handle of Versace's stroller can also be adjusted to two different heights.

Strollers for kids of various ages

At Kids-world you can find strollers for kids of all ages. Regardless of how old your child is, you can find many different strollers for kids of different ages. We have models of strollers from all the best brands for kids aged 6 months up to 5 years.

Stroller up to 22 kg

Some strollers have a weight capacity of 15 kg, which may not be enough if your child is tall or heavy for his age and still needs a stroller. Fortunately, there are also many models of strollers for kids with a capacity of up to 22 kg.

Having a slightly heavier or taller child should not prevent parents from buying a stroller for their child. You shouldn't compromise on comfort either. Some kids have special needs and may need to use a stroller for longer periods of time, so a larger weight capacity, seat and backrest can be very helpful. See our range here at Kids-world of strollers from the best brands with a capacity of up to 22 kg.

Accessories for strollers

No matter what type of stroller you have, you may be missing the perfect accessory. Some models of strollers lack features that may be important to you. There may not be enough storage space for lunchboxes or your water bottle is too large for the cup holder.

Many families choose to buy extra accessories for the stroller, such as larger cup holders, storage solutions or small fans to cool your child in the summer. When buying accessories for your stroller, you should consider things like compatibility, safety and functionality. Also consider things like design, safety, material, ease of use and good value for money.

Pram rain cover for stroller

It can be really annoying to be standing on the street with your child in a stroller when it suddenly starts to pour down with rain. The best way to protect your child from the elements and weather such as rain, snow and wind is to invest in a pram rain cover for your stroller. See our large selection of accessories for strollers and find a pram rain cover that fits your stroller perfectly.

stroller Toys

stroller Toys are a super way to distract small kids. Both when you are out on a trip together, or if your child has to take a nap in the stroller while you are busy. You can focus on something else without having to worry too much about your child.

You can find toys for strollers in wonderful colours. There are many toys for strollers that are attractive to babies and can entertain them for hours. Another benefit is that they can help develop your child's cognitive abilities. When buying toys for your stroller, you should remember that safety is the most important priority.

What is a stroller called in english?

There are different words for stroller in english. Which word is used depends on geography. In Great Britain, strollers are often called "prams" or "baby carriages". In the US they are called "strollers". These terms can be useful to know if you want to read more about a special stroller and its functions on the Internet in english.

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