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Nijdam scooters, roller skates and accessories for kids 

Nijdam is a Dutch brand that has been manufacturing roller skates since 1896. The company has a great passion and they always want to improve their products. Their range includes many products for kids and are thoughtful and well designed. 

Nijdam are inspired by skating and the skate culture which is an important part of their work. They always try to push the boundaries and they constantly challenge themselves to create amazing products for kids and adults. 

Safety and, above all, kid safety are incredibly important, and they take responsibility for ensuring that their products are safe when used. Customers should be able to enjoy products and have fun without having to worry about the quality and safety of the products. 

Nijdam is for the next generation of riders 

Nijdam wants to inspire the next generation of skaters to always have fun and to enjoy the different adventures. Nijdam also manufactures skates for ice hockey, roller skates and protective equipment as well as longboards, pennyboards, scooters and spring bikes. At Nijdam you will find products of good quality that are suitable for beginners. 

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We hope you find what you are looking for from Nijdam here with us at Kids-world. We have a large range of many fantastic products from Nijdam. Feel free to check the other categories to find other products that you and your kids might need such as clothes and shoes.

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