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Jack Wolfskin


Jack Wolfskin

For more than 40 years, the German outdoor brand, Jack Wolfskin, has created functional and durable clothing and equipment for everyday life and leisure.

Founded in 1981 by Ulrich Dausien in Frankfurt, the vision was to make outdoor life accessible to everyone and not just to the privileged.

It's still a vision that Jack Wolfskin pursues today - to inspire people to connect with nature, explore and enjoy life outdoors with family and friends.

A vision that is strongly reflected in their solid and functional products at competitive prices.

Jack Wolfskin was inspired for the name during a trip to Alaska, where Dausien and his friends ville to follow in Jack London's footsteps and thus Jack Wolfskin was created.

Today, Jack Wolfskin is one of Europe's biggest outdoor brands, and their clothes and equipment are sold all over the world.

The brand is loved by outdoor enthusiasts for its functionality, durability and timeless design, which can be easily recognized by the brand's iconic logo, a wolf paw.

Jack Wolfskin products are functional and have a timeless design. In Card, the brand makes clothes and equipment from A to Z for all kinds of trips and experiences.

In addition to functionality and lovely design, Jack Wolfskin also has a strong focus on making sine products more sustainable.

The brand increasingly uses recycled materials and all its recycled components are certified according to Global Recycled Standards (GRS).

In addition, Jack Wolfskin exclusively uses 100% organic cotton, down from ducks and geese with good living conditions and merino wool from sheep with good living conditions. Leather from endangered animal species and all kinds of fur are prohibited in the brand's products.

For Jack Wolfskin, nature is their home, and therefore the brand proactively tries to protect it. Through small and large measures, Jack Wolfskin tries to preserve forests, rivers, streams, lakes and deserts, so that future generations can also experience the joy of connecting with nature.

Popular Jack Wolfskin backpacks for outdoor use

Jack Wolfskin is a recognized and respected brand in outdoor equipment that has won the hearts of both beginners and experienced outdoor enthusiasts. The Backpacks from Jack Wolfskin are known for being reliable, durable and well designed.

Jack Wolfskin has a passion for introducing more people to the unique freedom found outside the cities, and at Kids-world we share this mission.

That is why we are proud to give you the opportunity to experience why Jack Wolfskin backpacks are loved around the world.

Behind the Jack Wolfskin backpacks are designers who are experts in creating equipment for all kinds of weather. No matter where in the world you take your backpack, you will feel at home and safe with it.

Jack Wolfskin uses innovative technologies to create durable backpacks in a modern and durable design.

At Kids-world, we are proud to offer Jack Wolfskin backpacks, which combine functionality, durability and sustainability in a modern and timeless design.

You can also get Jack Wolfskin backpacks for kids

At Kids-world we have a varied selection of Jack Wolfskin bag and backpacks for kids in different sizes and colours.

Our selection ranges from small and practical backpacks for preschoolers to larger and more robust backpacks for school children and tweens.

With Jack Wolfskin's high quality standards and focus on functionality and design, you can be sure to find a Jack Wolfskin backpack that perfectly suits your child's needs and personal style.

Our range of Jack Wolfskin bag and backpacks for kids is a good investment in your child's future outdoor adventures.

How to get Jack Wolfskin on sale

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We have a varied selection of Jack Wolfskin bag and backpacks for kids and adults, and our offers allow you to save money on these popular products.

Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media so you don't miss out on our upcoming offers and promotions on Jack Wolfskin bag and backpacks for kids and adults.

At Kids-world, we always have the children's best interests in mind. set of this is to make it as easy as possible for parents to shop online when you need outdoor equipment from Jack Wolfskin.

This is to give you the best shopping experience and ensure that you can get the best items for your kids without having to worry about shipping costs.

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