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Bino Toys & Interior for Kids

Bino Toys & Interior for Kids

Bino Toys wooden toy for kids

Wooden toy from Bino Toys are great entertainment for kids. It is first and foremost a natural product. The Wooden toy gives memories of a bygone and uncomplicated time. Wooden toy from Bino Toys last really well and last for several generations.

Wooden toy from Bino Toys in a good quality

The Bino Toys wooden toy is made of approved wood in a pile and made with environmentally friendly materials.

The selection is large, so we hope that you can find the perfect Bino Toys wooden toy or wooden toy from one of the others delicious brands here with us.

Bino Toys for kids

Here at Kids-world, you can buy a very nice wooden toy train from Bino Toys for both boys and girls. We have made an effort to gather together a vast and exciting selection of products from a wide range of brands - including Bino Toys. The range consists of all the exciting toys from Bino Toys, which we are sure your little one(s) will find interesting. With the fine name-letter trains, you can write your kid's name in a fun and decorative way that can adorn your little one's room. The name train also makes an original gift for new parents, and can also serve as a beautiful decoration on your kid's birthday.

Bino Toys is a brand of Mertens GmbH, a German manufacturer of wooden toys. Bino Toys exports to more than 20 countries worldwide and sells toys for kids 0-7 years old. The products are sold both to private individuals, gift shops and kindergartens. The production takes place in the Czech Republic. 

Bino Toys baby toys

The first year of kids's lives has a big impact when it comes to their minds and their ability to move around.

A great range of baby toys from labels like Bino Toys

Here at Kids-world you will find a wide range of baby toys from Bino Toys. We ensure that there's a toy for everyone.

Books from Bino Toys

Books are an eternal source of learning, knowledge and fantasy. Let your kid open his eyes to books at an early age. He or she will definitely love it. We have a large selection of bath toy from Bino Toys and a number of others.

Fine books from Bino Toys

If you need soft books books, colouring books, wooden books, bathing books or picture books from eg Bino Toys for your kid or baby, this is the category you should look in.

The Bino Toys books in our range are produced especially for kids, and are thus of a durable and good quality. Girls and boys, especially the little ones, want to put things in their mouths and bite into them, which the books from Bino Toys of course do.

Bino Toys letters on train carriage

On this page you will find letters in wood from Bino Toys. The Letters from Bino Toys are placed on a wagon with functional wheels. There are hinges both on the front and back of the carriage thus that the letters can be hooked together to form names or words. All train carriages can also be found here.

Large letters in wood from Bino Toys

Bino Toys letters are available in a fine type of wood and the design is minimalist, so you have the opportunity to decorate your home just the way you want.

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