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Familiens Dagbøger

Familiens Dagbøger

Get a handle on the special memories with Familiens Dagbøger

Familiens Dagbøger gives you the opportunity to remember all the special details and memories of birthdays and Christmas. The books are designed to contain notes about guests, menus, gifts, weather and special experiences. There is plenty of space for both text and images. In addition, there is room for recipes, so you can remember the delicious things that you have had to eat on the special days.

The birthday diary has room for memories from as many as 25 birthdays and is a great gift to pass on to the next generation when it is filled up.

There is also room for 25 years of Christmas Eve in the Christmas diary, so your child will be able to remember and commemorate each Christmas throughout its upbringing, as well as parts the memories with the next generation.

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