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Tommy Hilfiger Clothing & Footwear for Kids

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Tommy Hilfiger Clothing & Footwear for Kids

Tommy Hilfiger clothing for kids and teenagers 

Here you will find a large selection of Tommy Hilfiger kids clothing from size 0 and up to 16 years. 

Iconic brand for boys and girls

The characteristic logo of Tommy Hilfiger resembling a flag in the colours navy, red and white, is not only well-known it is also iconic, and you will find the flag in many of the lovely styles for boys and girls.

We offer fashionable clothing with a preppy look for babies and kids alike - up to size 16 years. The quality is always outstanding and the design ensures that the kids can move around freely when wearing the clothes.

Relaxed style with classic elegance 

The style is relaxed and practical, but there are also plenty of opportunities to find nice clothing for those special occasions where a nice dress or an elegant shirt will make the difference. 

So whether you are looking for a pair of sweatpants or a simple T-shirt or a polo shirt, a shirt or a dress, swimwear or a down jacket, slippers and a pair of sneakers or a cap and a bag as an accessory, you can be sure that Tommy Hilfiger has what you are searching for. 

Mini Me for boys and girls 

Kids clothing from Tommy Hilfiger is designed for kids, but many of the styles actually match the ones for adults. This means that father and son can follow the same distinctive Tommy Hilfiger style. 

Stylish T-shirts from Tommy Hilfiger

A T-shirt is amazing in many ways, and it can be combined with almost every piece of clothing in the wardrobe - the same applies to the T-shirts from Tommy Hilfiger. The coolest thing about a T-shirt from Tommy Hilfiger is that it can be combined with many other pieces of clothing. No matter whether you are looking to be trendy or if you want a more discreet appearance, you can't really go wrong with a T-shirt from Tommy Hilfiger. 

The same applies to all the nice cardigans from Tommy Hilfiger, which you will  find in this category from time to time. Cardigans also combine very well with other types of clothes and trousers, so we are almost sure that you'll be able to find something here in the online shop which will look great with the rest of the selection of Tommy Hilfiger products. 

Don't forget a couple of blouses or sweatshirts from Tommy Hilfiger

If the weather no longer allows for T-shirts and shorts being the primary pieces of clothing, you should consider checking out the trousers and/or sweatshirts from Tommy Hilfiger. 

We strive to have something for any season of the year, and Tommy Hilfiger is among those brands who designs clothes which can be worn almost all year round. We have a lot of nice blouses and sweatshirts made of different materials. Almost the entire selection of blouses and sweatshirts come with the well-known Tommy Hilfiger logo as well as Tommy Hilfiger written on it. 

Tommy Hilfiger also makes styles where the logo is depicted illustratively and differently from the regular logo with its well-known colours. 

If you can't find a blouse or a sweatshirt from Tommy Hilfiger to your liking, then try to take a look at the other categories - we offer blouses for all kinds of taste preferences as well as styles. 

Trousers for Kids from Tommy Hilfiger

All kids need a pair of trousers, and you will probably be able to find velvet trousers, trousers, sweatpants, etc. in the wardrobe of every single child.

Are you looking for a pair of Tommy Hilfiger trousers for everyday life or parties, you'll most probably find what you are looking for in this category.

You always have the option to search for a specific pair of trousers - depending on your colour and style preference. Are you looking for a pair of navy-coloured, black or maybe even white pair of trousers, then you'll find it right here. 

We have trousers for kids of almost all ages, so it is almost guaranteed that you'll be able to spoil your kid at home with a pair of trousers. 

What about a new dress from Tommy Hilfiger?

We love dresses! And we know that lots of kids love wearing them. The dresses from Tommy Hilfiger are almost always a success on festive occasions where the kids feel like dressing up a bit nicer than usual. 

Combine the Tommy Hilfiger dress with other pieces of clothing 

We almost always succeed in putting together a nice outfit which can be used for the daily activities. You can easily combine the Tommy Hilfiger dress with a pair of lovely leggings, and with a cardigan or a nice jacket. 

In fact, it all comes down to the kind of dress your kid wants to wear. Only the imagination sets the limit when it is about combining different pieces of clothes! 

Your kid can easily wear a Tommy Hilfiger dress on different occasions such as parties and playdates, and it is definitely possible to find matching footwear.  

Tommy Hilfiger jackets

Are you looking for a jacket for your child, you have come to the right place. Here at the online shop, you'll find our entire selection of kids jackets from Tommy Hilfiger. With a jacket from Tommy Hilfiger, you are ensured a nice jacket in a modern design. 

We have a nice selection of jackets for kids of all ages from brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, who are never compromising on the quality of the jacket. 

The right conditions have been created for you to find this year's jacket which will suit your child. However, if you can't find the jacket you are looking for among the products from Tommy Hilfiger, you are always welcome to check out the selections of all the other brands. 

Tommy Hilfiger shoes and boots for kids 

Is it about time to look for a pair of shoes for the summer from Tommy Hilfiger or boots for the winter? Here at Kids-World, you'll find a really nice selection of shoes and boots for kids and teens from brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, which your kids will be happy to wear. 

There is something nice about running around in a pair of super cool Tommy Hilfiger shoes or boots - so why not find a pair of Tommy Hilfiger shoes or boots for your child? The shoe models are light-weight, which makes them ideal for the playful kids who aren't interested in being bothered by heavy footwear.

Don't forget to have a look at our Tommy Hilfiger sale as well. You'll find Tommy Hilfiger items there with reduced prices.

Tommy Hilfiger shoes and boots for all occasions

The footwear from Tommy Hilfiger is suitable for many different occasions. Our great selection of footwear from Tommy Hilfiger gives you a great opportunity to find a nice pair of shoes or sneakers for your kids, which we are sure that they will love to wear. 

A lot of kids love to run around in a nice pair of sneakers from Tommy Hilfiger, which is because in addition to being comfortable, they are also great for other occasions taking place outside the playground or the schoolyard. The sneakers typically also have a super nice fit, which means that neither the sides nor the toe or heel will hurt or bother your little boy or girl.

Don't forget a pair of nice socks 

No matter whether you are looking for socks for your baby who is 1 month old, or your kid who is 16 or older, you'll find it all here.

You will find Tommy Hilfiger socks in a great selection of simple and cool colours. We offer socks from Tommy Hilfiger in a wide range of sizes to ensure that there is a pair for every kid - both for the youngest and the older ones. 

A large part of the socks in our selection come in packs of two or with several different kinds of models.

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