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Name It

Name It - Clothes inspired by kids for kids 

Name It has been making stylish and lovely clothes for babies, kids, and teenagers for over 30 years. The clothes are inspired by kids' honest and uncomplicated view of life. The clothes are always trendy, and their prices are affordable. 

Name It produces clothes that follow the latest fashion, which means that kids always will look nice and stylish in the clothes. Name It is a Danish brand and they are part of the Bestseller group. 

Four different sub-brands

Name It has four sub-brands. The first is the baby collection (0-9 months) and here there are comfortable clothes that focus on safety, quality, and trends for the very littlest. 

Then there is also the Mini collection (1-5 years) where the focus is on practical and comfortable clothes that offer kids a personal style in durable materials. The Kids collection (6-12 years) focuses on trendy clothes for active kids and last but not least there is also the LMTD collection (10-16 years) which consists of clothes that are made for teenagers who want the latest trends. 

Name It is also known for its denim clothing. The clothes always have a fantastic fit and high quality for kids, which makes the clothes last a long time. The jeans and trousers from Name It can be adjusted at the waist, making them perfect for any little one regardless of size. The fit of the kids clothes from Name It is always excellent. 

Who owns Name It?

Name It is owned by the Bestseller Group, which was founded by Troels Holten Povlsen in 1975. In 2001, his son Anders Holten Povlsen took over the role of owner and CEO of the Bestseller Group.

Where does Name It from?

Name It comes from the Danish fashion group Bestseller, which is headquartered in Brande.

When was Name It created?

Name It was created in 1996, as a brand for the very young kids, and only later as we know it day. In 1986, Bestsellers first kids' clothing brand EXIT was introduced in Denmark, the brand quickly spread to several European countries. In 2008, the EXIT name was changed to Name It, which now covers the entire Bestsellers kids' portfolio.

Name It - Their promise of sustainability

Name It is a company that takes responsibility in ensuring the best conditions for our planet, the farmers who produce the material and also the kids who wear the products.

In 2016, 36 percent of their garments made of cotton were made with organic cotton and by 2020 the corresponding figure was 50 per cent. They continue this positive development and their goal is not only to switch to organic materials, but also to develop and support more sustainable production and their methods in general. They are doing everything they can to preserve our planet for future generations. 

We produce kids clothes from Name It for both boys and girls 

Here in our online shop you will find many nice Name It clothes for your boy or girl that will slot perfectly into their wardrobes. 

We have many different styles of clothing from Name It as well as clothes that are made of different materials such as blends of cotton and modal. We also offer clothes in many different colors such as blue, brown, gray, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, pink, red, black, turquoise, and many nice colour combinations. 

When it comes to sizes, we have most kids' sizes. Usually we have the following sizes in our stock: 50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134, 140, 146, 152, 158 and 164. Name It has also produced a collection of shoes where you can find shoes in sizes between 19-24. When the shoes come to our online store you will be able to find them in this category as well as elsewhere in our online shop. 

If you want to keep up to date with the news from Name It and other brands, please sign up for our newsletter. We send the newsletter out several times a week where you can find the latest fashion in our shop.

In addition, when you get the newsletter you are one of the first to find out if we have any promotions or other great offers through the newsletter. It is easy to stay up to date thanks to our newsletter. 

A Name It dress for the summer

It is nothing short of amazing to move around on those lovely sunny days, with bare leg in an airy dress from Name It.

The Dresses from Name It and the others brands that we have in our selection are produced in varying designs and colours

You have good combination options with a Name It dress

It is also no problem to find matching clothes that fit well with. The Name It dress is easily paired with a pair of nice tights, and/or a cardigan or a nice jacket.

It's about what your kid wants from a dress. Another thing that is also great about a dress is that it is only the imagination that sets the limits of what you can put together.

Ift. footwear, there should be a suitable dress from Name It in our range. The Dress from Name It can be used for a number of different events such as birthdays, a wedding and christening.

Name It trousers and jeans for baby and kids

It is always possible to find a pair of trousers or jeans regardless of preference for colour and style. If your task is to find a pair of dark blue, black or maybe white jeans or trousers, you will find them right here with us.

Trousers from Name It with different elements

We sell trousers and jeans with dots, pattern, checs and much more in our range. If the Name It trousers, for example, have hair tie at the waist, you can read it inside the product description.

Name It swimwear

Swimwear from Name It is a must-have when the calendar writes July and august as well as trips in the pool and on the beach. Name It swimwear can be used for several occasions, as swimwear from Name It also comfortable on holiday, or when you just need to go for a walk on the beach.

Smart Name It swimwear for kids

Boys and girls love to play outside on the delicious summer days, where they have ample opportunity to feel the heat while playing outside. When summer is finally upon us, it's really nice to have the swimwear from Name It lying clear for use in the wardrobe.

When it comes to swimwear looks, some kids prefer a plain and simple style. Others kids like that their swimwear has stripes, motifs or more colours.

Protect Name It swimwear

Name It swimwear can withstand a set, but it is subjected to much sun, chlorine and salt water, it may well be be hard on clothes. Wear gives the swimwear a shorter life, and therefore we recommend that the swimwear from Name It always washed carefully.

You do this best by washing the swimwear from Name It in cold water with a touch of hand soap or shampoo as soon as possible after it has been used. For all intents and purposes, avoid using fabric softener as it can have a negative effect on the elasticity of the elastics in the swimwear.

Buy UV protective Name It swimwear

Our last tip for you is to look for some swimwear with UV protection so that your kids are protected from the sun's rays.

Get ready for summer with a pair of Name It shorts

Name It shorts are good for the active kids who like to play outside on the playground, in the park or in the woods.

Name It shorts can usually be found in different designs - short and long with many smart details. We also have shorts from Name It and all the others brands in our range in all the colours of the rainbow.

Buy shorts from Name It with a good fit

The smart thing about shorts from Name It is that they can almost all be adjusted in size as needed - either with a drawstring or internal buttons in the elastic edge.

Take a look around our entire assortment of shorts from, among others, Name It, and we hope that you will find a pair that suits your taste.

Name It bodysuits with good comfort

Bodysuits from Name It provide good comfort while being able to keep warm and have ample opportunity to move. If you choose to buy both a Name It bodysuit with short and long sleeves, you are well covered for whatever the day brings.

Socks from Name It

Regardless of if you are looking for Name It socks for girls or boys, you can get your hands on them here.

Kids-world supply a top range of socks by Name It of various colourtones, such as COLOUR Name It socks. Socks by Name It are available in many sizes and styles, including TYPE socks.

Stock Name It socks for your boys and girls

Mostly it could be a smart choice to find more socks by Name It than you actually want. Many times boys and girls dont lift their feet - this is tough for the socks. Sometimes boys and girls rush outside and forgetting to put their shoes on - this indeed is tough for the socks.

Finally, socks will probably go away in the process of washing. How this can happen, nobody can explain, but it is commonly acknowledged that girls and boys lose their socks every now and then.

For that reason, we propose you obtain your own small inventory of Name It socks for your kid.

Excellent Name It socks today

Naturally, we wish you can find the excellent Name It socks for your daughter or son in our choice of socks. Feel free to use our search filter in order to limit or enlarge your search (within all categories); filter by type, size and more.

Feel free to use our filters to find the right clothes from Name It

Since we offer a wide range of many nice clothes from Name It, it can be tricky to get an overview and find the right clothes. Therefore, we recommend that you use our search filters that you will find at the top of the page. There you can easily choose the style of the clothes or the colour of the clothes to get a view of only the clothes that match your search. 

If you also know what size you need, you can easily add it to the search to see only clothes that will fit your kid. The filters also make it possible to search for different types of clothes such as swimwear, jumpers, leggings, dresses and more from Name It. We have a Name It sale as well.

Buy new kid's clothes from Name It from us 

We sell many nice kid's clothes from Name It here at Kids-World. No matter what you are looking for, you will likely find it with us. We have many different styles and colours in our range of kids' clothes from Name It. 

If you are looking for a specific product from Name It, a jumper or dress that you cannot find in our online store please contact our customer service and we will try to help.

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