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Kids Clothing for boys and girls

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Kids' wear and baby clothing

Here at Kids-world we offer a huge range of kids' wear for kids aged 0-20 years old. Here, you'll find something for everyone's taste.

You can equip your kids completely and for any occasion. With our wide range of kids' wear, you do not need to look elsewhere. Here, we'll be happy to deliver lots of smashing kids' wear all year round.

Whether you are looking for babies clothing, kids' wear or teens' wear, this is where you find them. We take great pride in delivering a comprehensive selection of kids' wear from brands from many designers from all over the world - naturally, at affordable prices as well.

Smart kids clothing - all year around

Here you will find kids clothing for both indoor and outdoor activities and all possible occasions. Our wide selection of kids clothing makes it possible to only look at one place when you are about to fill your kids' wardrobe with smart and sweet kids clothing - all year round.

Whether you are looking for some new clothes for your baby, kid or a teenager, you can find it all here.

We strive to have a huge selection of clothes from lots of brands by both Danish and foreign designers - of course, in every imaginable price range, so there is something for everyone's budget. For us, it is important that there is something for everyone - both in terms of styles, prices and sizes.

Remember to keep an eye on our category for Black Friday.

Popular brands

Mimi & LulaKknekkiVoksi
DIMSui Ava GirlMarni

Fashionable kids' wear

We have fashionable babies' wear and kids' wear for kids aged 0-20 years old. You'll find plain-coloured kids' wear, smart and pretty prints and patterns - always of great quality. You'll find simple kids' wear in muted colours and loud colours of the rainbow.

There is a good opportunity of finding different styles and putting these together and create cool and smart outfits suited for any occasion, whether you are going to a birthday party, a wedding or for everyday use.

If you are looking for a cool, smart or sweet look; or looking for clothes that fit your very own little princess, or a wild rascal; or you need extra clothing for your baby or the teenager even, you have come the right place. Browse our categories of hoodies, jackets, baby jumpsuits, leggings, tights etc. Here, you'll find everything you need - and more.

One thing that most people think is very important to take into account when buying kids clothing is it's material. This is especially true when buying clothes for the youngest members of the family.

Kids clothing comes in many different kinds of materials, but it surely feels nicest to wear soft and comfortable clothing pieces - whether it is the inner or an outer layer.

That is why we also have lots of clothes made of cotton, but you will also find materials such as wool, silk and bamboo viscose. All materials each have their qualities, and what one prefers might differ from person to person.

Organic cotton kids clothing 

Another criteria to keep an eye on while shopping for kids clothing is whether the clothes are made with organic materials. We have a large selection of organic cotton clothing for babies and kids.

Some brands pay special attention to using organic materials or materials that are sustainable, and such clothing pieces have taken into account both nature and the manufacturing process.

Do check out our selection of wool underwear, pramsuits and nightwear!

Certified kids clothing

Organic products come with various certifications, which guarantee that the product is made of organic materials.

There are also certifications that ensure that the textile is manufactured with consideration for the local environment and that no hazardous chemicals have been used in the production.

In any case, there is a good opportunity to find styles that can be put together into beautiful and smart outfits that suit any occasion, whatever you are going to a birthday party, wedding or you are just looking for an ordinary everyday outfit.

Kids and baby clothing size guide

If this is the first time that you are buying baby and/or kids clothing, you can learn a little more about how the different sizes fit a certain age group:

Size = Age:

44-50 = 0 years, 56 = 1 month, 62 = 3 months, 68 = 6 months, 74 = 9 months, 80 = 1 year, 86 = 1,5 year, 92 = 2 years, 98 = 3 years, 104 = 4 years, 110 = 5 years, 116 = 6 years, 122 = 7 years, 128 = 8 years, 134 = 9 years, 140 = 10 years, 146 = 11 years, 152 = 12 years, 158 = 13 years, 164 = 14 years, 170 = 15 years, 176 = 16 years, 188 = 18-20 years.

Kids wear and babies clothing for everyday use

It's nice to be dressed properly for everyday use, however, sometimes you need to wear something extra, i.e. when the kids have physical education at school, go to sports in their spare time or you are away on holidays filled with lots of activities.

Kids-world have precisely what you need for occasions such as these; sportswear, gym wear and sneakers, T-shirts, underwear, socks etc.

Naturally, we have cool and durable kids' wear for everyday use, and you need clothing that can withstand wear and tear when kids are active inside and outside.

A day in kindergarten or day nursery requires a great selection of regular everyday clothes, spare clothes, and outdoor things.

It's important that your kid is well-equipped for playing and tumbling in the playroom inside, and the playground outside. Whether it's sunny, rainy or snowy outside there will always be a need for a snowsuit, gloves and mittens, balaclavas, rainwear, thermo wear, winter coats, ski pants, a softshell jacket, thermo trousers, thermo jackets or maybe a nice bucket hat, a sun hat or a fine lightweight jacket. There is no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing.

Whichever the case, it is always a good idea to make sure that the kid has plenty of fine clothing pieces for different situations and occasions all year round. And as most parents have discovered, kids grow out of their clothes pretty quickly, or they tear the knees of the trousers or get permanent stains on the top, which can not be washed off.

So here is a great advantage of our page - it is made quick and easy to order new clothes on our webshop with fast delivery in many different ways. That way, you will never be missing some of the very basic and necessary clothing pieces for your little one(s).

Kids wear for every occasion

Birthdays, weddings, christenings or Christmas - such special celebrations require the perfect outfits. At Kids-world you can find exactly that - we have something for any occasion, big or small.

We have shirts, lounge suits, tulle dresses, bow ties, ties, patent-leather shoes and hair accessories for big celebrations. Perhaps you are looking for the perfect gift - this is also a great place to find wonderful presents for the ones you love and care about.

Kids wear for all seasons

As the year goes by, you need different types of clothing for your kids, therefore, we have clothes that are perfect for the warm summers and the cold winters including all the days of changeable weather when practical and transitional clothing.

Basically, you can find clothes suited for every season within the Kids' wear section. Browse the different categories and look at all the wonderful summer clothes and winter clothes including babies' clothing and kids' wear for the rest of the year.

For instance, browse our selection of swimwear with swim tops, swim pants, swimsuitsbikini's and swim diapers if you are going swimming!

We also do gift-wrapping

If you would like to have your baby's clothes or kids' clothes wrapped, we will be happy to do so. All you have to do is buy a gift wrapping paper in the shop, and we will make sure that your order gets wrapped up nicely.

Do not hesitate to use the comment field if there is anything you would like to point out regarding your purchase.

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