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Lacoste Cardigan for Kids

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Lacoste Zip Hoodie - Navy/Blue Lacoste Zip Hoodie - Navy/Blue  649,95 DKK 
Lacoste Zip Hoodie - Navy Lacoste Zip Hoodie - Navy  599,95 DKK 
Lacoste Zip Hoodie - Grey Melange/Navy w. Logo Lacoste Zip Hoodie - Grey Melange/Navy w. Logo  699,95 DKK 
Lacoste Tracksuit - Navy w. White Lacoste Tracksuit - Navy w. White  1.199,95 DKK 
Lacoste Tracksuit - Grey Melange/Navy
Lacoste Tracksuit - Grey Melange/Navy 1.199,95 DKK Save 359,99 DKK
839,96 DKK 

Lacoste Cardigan - Navy
Lacoste Cardigan - Navy 599,95 DKK Save 209,99 DKK
389,96 DKK 

Lacoste Zip Thru Hoodie - Navy w. Pink
Lacoste Zip Thru Hoodie - Navy w. Pink 649,95 DKK Save 227,49 DKK
422,46 DKK 

Lacoste Zip Cardigan - Grey Melange Lacoste Zip Cardigan - Grey Melange  569,95 DKK 

Lacoste cardigans for kids

Curious about famous clothing? When you create a priority 5 table of clothing you love to wear, you can be almost confident that the cardigan is named. Why? Cardigans, as well as cardigans from Lacoste, can be matched with the majority of kidswear; knickers, jeans, jumpsuits, dresses, etc.

Cardigans are practical because they can look fashionable at one happening and trendy later - depending on the other kidswear you have on. Lacoste cardigans are produced with a zip which is highly useful, and your boy and girl will love it.

Look for Lacoste cardigans here

Mostly a cardigan by Lacoste is matched with a top or a slim blouse no matter the time of the year - cardigans are snug and smashing clothes. Cardigans are made of fine woven fabrics and firm knitted materials - and many more types of material, among cotton and polyester.

Basically, a piece of clothing . Cardigans by Lacoste suits well for everyday usage and for Easter and other events - your girl or boy will adore having zip hoodies and sweatset from Lacoste for any occasion. In our webshop we store all styles - among the cardigans you and your boy and girl wants.

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