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G-Star RAW Cardigan for Kids

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G-Star RAW Zip Hoodie - Stalt - Bog Green G-Star RAW Zip Hoodie - Stalt - Bog Green  529,95 DKK 
G-Star RAW Zip Hoodie - Industrial Grey G-Star RAW Zip Hoodie - Industrial Grey  599,95 DKK 
G-Star RAW Zip Thru Hoodie - Yellow w. Logo
G-Star RAW Zip Thru Hoodie - Yellow w. Logo 529,95 DKK Save 158,99 DKK
370,96 DKK 

Cardigans from G-Star RAW for kids

Listen up. Cardigans are one out of the most beloved choices of clothing to both babies, youngster and grown-ups - we all idolize them. Cardigans have come to be so beloved since this group of kidswear suits well for most events - weekday use besides gala moments and for snug Christmas holidays.

Cardigans from G-Star RAW are optimal for changeable weather. Cardigans from G-Star RAW are made in many styles, such as zip hoodies, and therefore, you will not be left without fashion to dress in, whether it is a colder day or a nice day.

Do you want to find out what your kid can combine with his or her trendy cardigan? The full answer is: nearly whatever you like; knickers, denims, bloomers and shorts.

Do you wish to find out why this type of clothing is the ideal choice of apparel? Well, as soon as you found out the advantages from the zipper, you will soon realise how optimal it is that you can keep it closed or unseal it partly open or fully open.

Cool cardigans from G-Star RAW

Most times a G-Star RAW cardigan is matched with a top or a fine shirt regardless of the time of the year - cardigans are snug and chic clothing. Cardigans are made of fine woven textiles and firm sewed textiles - and many other sorts of material, including cotton.

Shortly put, something for every taste and liking. Cardigans from G-Star RAW suits well for weekday use and for Easter and other occasions - your kids will prefer wearing a zip hoodies by G-Star RAW for any plans. At Kids-world we store all sorts - including the ones you and your boy and girl demands.

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