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Child benefit credit services

  • At Kids-world you can choose our free credit services, where you can pay either the first in a month or when the Danish child benefit payments are paid. You can make an order, get it delivered straight away and delay your payment to a time of your choice – without any fees or extra costs.

    On the checkout pages you will find ’Extras for order’, where you can see you credit options.

    Child benefit credit services

    The dates when the child benefit payments are paid: 20th January – 20th April – 20th July – 20th October

    Our credit services offer you the possibility to pay with your child benefit payment in order for you to postpone the payment up until 4 moths.

       • 20th March you can use your child benefit payment from Juli.
       • 20th July you can use your child benefit payment from October.
       • 20th September you can use your child benefit payment from January.
       • 20th December you can use your child benefit payment from April.

    Credit until the first in a month

    We also offer you the possibility to postpone the payment until the first in a month – with a credit up until 4 months. This means, that you e.g. 1st November can choose to pay you order 1st December, 20th January, 1st February or 1st March.

    When you have chosen a date for payment, it is not possible to postpone the date that we withdraw the money from your account. If you have chosen a credit service, the payment will automatically be withdrawn at this date.

    Terms for Credit

    Note! The credit is only possible if the order has been paid with a Dankort or Visa Dankort. If you pay with a debit card, e.g. a MasterCard, VisaElectron, or other payment cards, Teller/Nets will reserve the amount on your account, and therefore the credit is not possible. If reservations are made on your payment card, Kids-world is unable to help. Instead, you have to contact your bank or Teller, who handles all card transactions in Denmark.

    Do you need an overview of your payments?

    You can always check your order on your order history page: When you log in with your email address and personal password, you can find the unpaid orders under “ongoing orders”. Under ”former orders” you will find your previous orders, that have been send and paid for.