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Converse Cardigan for Kids

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Converse Zip Hoodie - Black Converse Zip Hoodie - Black  49,50 € 
8-10 Y (128-140)

8-10 Y (128-140)

10-12 Y (140-152)

12-13 Y (152-158)

13-15 Y (158-170)

Converse Zip Thru Hoodie - Black
Converse Zip Thru Hoodie - Black 56,20 € Save 16,86 €
39,34 € 
13-15 Y (158-170)

13-15 Y (158-170)

Converse cardigans

Cardigans are many kids’ favourite piece of apparel - both babies’ and adults’. The cardigan by Converse accompanies your kid´s look perfectly. Cardigans with a zipper or buttons by Converse fit perfectly for changing weather.

We offer a nice range of zip cardigans or hoodies by Converse in regard to colouring, designs etc. - your girl or boy will always have fashion to put on. The cardigan with buttons or a zipper by Converse looks splendid with a pair of leggings or trousers; you can leave it open or closed by utilizing the zip.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of a Converse cardigan is that you can get dressed in it literally as you want; sealed as a sweater or unsealed when there are higher degrees or you want to appear modern.

Converse zip cardigans or hoodies

You may be one of them - the grand admirer of cardigans. Converse cardigans with a zipper are primarily matched with a t-shirt. It is both appropriate and splendidly looking meanwhile.

Cardigans are produced of fine textiles and solid fabrics - this way, you can put on cardigans that suits well for different times of the year, warm days and chilly days. Kids can wear Converse everyday and on circumstances such as family gatherings.

Here at Kids-world you can spot all kinds of cardigans, as well as cardigans with a zipper or buttons by Converse - feel free to explore.

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