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#BeLasnier T-shirt for Kids

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#BeLasnier Tanktop - Grey Melange w. Pink
#BeLasnier Tanktop - Grey Melange w. Pink 33,50 € Save 23,45 €
10,05 € 
14-15 Y (164-170)

14-15 Y (164-170)

T-shirts by #BeLasnier

Both girls and boys love wearing a t-shirt. T-shirts ooze comfort and being laid-back. T-shirts by #BeLasnier are perfect to put underneath a long-sleeved t-shirt or a blouse - and throughout the year a t-shirt is often sufficient together with a skirt or a pair of shorts.

Some girls and boys also like to have a #BeLasnier t-shirt on top of a sweather or a hoodie - who does not want to look trendy?

Match your style with a t-shirts by #BeLasnier

In many ways you might say that a t-shirt is one of the most amazing pieces of clothing ever invented. You can wear a t-shirt together with many types of clothing. Create a lovely look with a t-shirt from #BeLasnier and a pair of jeans or a fine summer skirt.

Create a trendy look with a t-shirt, a pair of trousers or a skirt and a stylish cardigan. Your kid will have lots of opportunities to create his or her own style with a #BeLasnier t-shirt.

A vast range of t-shirts

We have lots of #BeLasnier t-shirts in our vast collection to choose from. At Kids-world we offer a great selection of styles, colours, shades and colour combinations. Naturally, we hope you can find something to your liking as well. We have t-shirts with long sleeves, t-shirts with short sleeves and of course, we also offer polo shirts.

Check out our selection of #BeLasnier - should you not find the t-shirt, please do not hesitate with browsing the rest of our collection of t-shirts and other types of clothing from many other brands.

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